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Mods should explain why they are censoring critical views. Did Pasquale join the team? I thought this place wanted to be more than a carbon copy of leftypol?


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You made 5 posts in under an hour 3 of which were just pot shots at communists and 2 were just right wing agit prop, more or less. You aren't even trying to actually make arguments at this point. You're just trolling. You're banned for 3 days. Stop being a child about it. You're more than welcome to appeal this, though. Have you considered the matrix?


No offense, but you guys talk about a bunch of loser shit on the matrix
>Muh, I got so high
>Muh, work sucks, my manager (insert whining)
It's basically a crab bucket discussion

I think my Iron Law of Leftychan is pretty spot in tbh. Otherwise, I doubt it would have provoked such an emotional reaction. And it's honestly only pointed at one person - they know who they are.

That said – you are right about one thing. I myself spend way too much time fucking with you guys. A 3 day (or longer) break sounds rather comfy. Peace


Nothing of value, etc etc.


File: 1676977687389-0.jpg (408.14 KB, 1001x1771, IMG_20230221_180019.jpg)

File: 1676977687389-1.jpg (413.35 KB, 954x1835, IMG_20230221_180105.jpg)

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Which of these recent posts were your highly valuable contributions to the board, comrade?

We all know you are part of the vanguard, which is educating us retards on the correct way to be left. Please comrade, let me know of these posts are yours so that I can sage and ignore the rest.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe all the posts which aren't your highly valuable posts should be deleted. That way, only the correct leftist line gets air time.

So please, let me know which of these you contributed. I'm waiting in anxious anticipation to know which of these were created by you, so I can know which are really valuable.

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