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File: 1614716664720.jpg ( 12.04 KB , 240x240 , dbdc7c44cf7cda8338135ca89a….jpg )


Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube


breadtube* not breadtuber


More like NEDtube


FILTER BREADTUBE to fedtube please


bump, this is still a good idea


Stalin -> Stalin (he/him)
Capitalism -> Crony Capitalism
April fool's -> Marx's birthday
April fools -> Marx's birthday
China -> Taiwan
Retard -> smart
Communism -> social democracy
revolution -> reforms
revolutionary -> reformist
Karl Marx -> Ferdinand Lassalle
jewish nigger -> dear friend
Lenin -> Kautsky
Bourgeois -> Patrician
anarchists -> vaushists
anarchy|anarchism -> vaushism
Bourgeoisie -> job creators
kulak -> martyr
breadtube -> basedtube
tranny jannies -> insanely based mods
tranny janny -> a respectable member of the jannguard
anglo -> black
Trotksy -> Lenin's rightful heir
Bookchin -> Postchin
infrared -> the cult
pill -> vaccine
crisis -> christmas
trannies -> those that are advancing the dialectic of the human body and it's limitation
dialectical materialism -> magic
dialectical -> magic
cope -> i agreeing
seethe -> i agreeing


The -> a
A -> the
and -> but not
is -> to
can -> can't
would -> wouldn't
to -> some
that -> because
you -> I think
please -> I am going to
of -> and


Based and /z/pilled.


I am going to shut a fuck up, because because wouldn't be the terrible idea.


I envy English because it makes funny wordfilters piss easy. It becomes convoluted when trying to do the same with i.e. romance languages.


Capital -> the sacred texts
reactionaries -> victims of communism
exchange-value -> price
price -> exchange-value
material conditions -> GDP per capita
Ukraine -> Kulakistan
Israel -> the only democracy in the Middle East
Taiwan -> the Israel of Asia
color revolution -> struggle for democratic rights
imperialist -> humanitarian
CIA -> intelligence community
read -> google
go back -> post more
Xinjiang -> East Turkestan
Engels -> Marx's sugar daddy
history -> herstory
women -> womyn
gringo -> gringx
semen -> semyn
USA -> U$A
American -> Amerikkkan
bro -> my dude
dude -> chief


>Vaush -> Agent Kochinski
Why was that filtered in the firstplace?


These are fucking hilarious, we should definitely. do them.


proletariat -> lower class
PMC -> middle class
faggot -> genius
postmodernism -> cultural Marxism
lumpen -> minorities
radlibs -> true leftists
political correctness -> respecting minorities


woke -> just being a freaking decent human being


propaganda -> proven facts
MLM -> multi-level marketing
ML -> tankie
materialism -> scientism
scientific -> autistic
rational -> arbitrary




Riot->Pro-democracy demonstration
Rioter-Pro-democracy demonstrator


ironically ?


NTA but I assume so.


These replacements bring the lulz HARD


Except on special days like Marx's birthday, (or possibly special boards like /b/?) word filters shouldn't be hit by normal discussion. You're aiming at fucking over /pol/ raiders and idpol tards.


I agree, most of these filters are only good for april 1 and /b/, but we can definitely use the ones about e-celebs and Internet bullshit sitewide.


File: 1619213782853.jpeg ( 33.79 KB , 355x355 , Deng-w-355x355.jpeg )

Request: Deng Xiaoping -> Teng Hsiao-Ping


Cause vaush is an opportunistic retard that never reads (and when he does he is shit at it) and supports US imperialism for some utopian freedumbz shit. Also
>market socialist


Not sure if you are both actual radlib fags or shitposting


Most woke people I see aren't decent human beings, so this is either cringe or absolutely genius.
Most of these filters sound like some radlib shit so they would perfect for April fools


that guy is proof we at least need to wordfilter "cope", it basically destroy the entire polyp rhetoric


Now that we are bound to get raided more frequently after the article, can we have more wordfilters?




replace transhumanist with Überwomensch


Fuck this, it's reddit tier garbage that inevitably goes too far. There needs to be a five filter limit, this shit was intolerable on the bunker. Every discussion had a filter in it.


>it's reddit tier garbage that inevitably goes too far
<when wordfilters have been a thing on 4chan since day 1
Meaningless nonsense.


It's annoying childish garbage that hurts discussion just so a few retards can chuckle at it while sucking each other off.
4chan does it right, because they use it on pointless shit and even then only barely. On the bunker you could barely talk about anything without triggering a HAHA funny maymay filter.
Like I said, five filter limit tops. No real reason to do it at all, honestly.


You can't look at this shit and tell me with a straight face that this would be a good idea.


Replace leftist w/ liberal


Replace National Socialist and NatSoc with Not Socialist


Some of those are pretty good, actually.


I think just Nazi will suffice.


>National Socialist
victims of communism


communist -> liberal
liberal -> conservative
conservative -> nazi
nazi -> communist


tankie -> anarchist
anarchist -> leftcom
leftcom -> tankie


leaning towards supporting the
chud -> faggot


Most ideas here are astonishingly terrible. The threads about this topic get dumber and dumber.
That one is a classic.
Either this or chud->Chad. People who use chud tend to be particularly dull ex r/cth and other radlibs.

The filters probably don't work on file names, but it would make sense if they did.


Upcoming proposal for implementing "chud" -> "FAGGOT"
Requesting user feedback.

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