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Does the guy relentlessly posting WSWS articles, like a bot, count as spam at this point? Should I start reporting it? Should we leave it alone until it triggers a massive backlash?

WoosWoos reporting, while covering subjects mainstream won't touch, is mired in clichés (ghost of Stalinism, sectarianism, autistic self-promotion) that can get grating very fast, and a lot of articles are lacking in analysis in favour of whining (usually about capitalism functioning as intended). So will there be an intervention to reduce user exposure to Trot autism, or will we just give them enough rope to hang themselves with? Because after their review of Judas and Black Messiah, I don't see how they'll stop themselves from saying something that will piss even more people off.


I retable my question.


The virgin wsws and the chad telesurenglish.


Sorry but wooswoos posting is a leftypol staple. Maybe a warning and a temp wsws ban whenever there is more than X links to wsws in the catalog (not counting newsanon, but only when the whole OP is about a wsws link specifically)? I find them a bit kneejerk at times, but I find Jacobin and Breadtubers worse.


I don't mind it and I like the Ushijima pictures as well.


Stop being a newfag.


Maybe we can ask him to keep it in one thread?

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