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Can anyone explain to me why literal bigot and sexist shitposting about idpol is allowed despite clearly being against the rules? Or is misandry not idpol?


Doesn't really seems fair that said poster is allowed to shitpost idpol and some others get bannes for similar conducts


its sage'd now, but nobody reported it and we don't usually check /b/ often
also, quit ban evading.


How come I get banned while misandrist trans merely get their thread anchored?

Shouldn't the punishment be the same for both?


Could you point out some posts?


can't ban the TOR IP unless its an emergency or being used to endlessly shitpost and generally moderation doesn't like deleting things, you being a special exception because you constantly ban evade.


Why isn't the thread deleted then?

Did you check the thread, I linked it in the OP


hypothetically if I did see it worthy of a deletion its an internal democracy to decide those kinds of things, unless its overt reactionary shit, ban evasion, or illegal content.


File: 1615791444444.jpg ( 272.85 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-03-15-00-5….jpg )

>pointing out that mods are not doing their job so as the board improvea
Banned, posts erased
>literal idpol shitposting

Keep doing god's work, janny


>Reactionary shit
Like misandry? Oh wait… That's allowed




pot calling the kettle black there


I will

However, you will never be a woman, no matter how much misandrist content you post


Right, and my posts were erased and I was banned, yet the trans anarchofem is nor because…?


File: 1615791799280.png ( 115.26 KB , 1982x588 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Did you check the thread, I linked it in the OP
No. The thread has many posts. There are many many posts made, I simply cannot read all the posts made.
Point some posts out.


Well go and read them before replying again


Archived this thread as to post it next time a retard here claims this board is against liberal idpol lol!


>Well go and read them before replying again
Hahaha no.


Isn't that supposed to be your job? ( Despite not being paid)


Funny how we have have tons of fucking incel threads, in fact there's one up on /b/ now where OP shits on asian women, but when I tell a few lazy scrotes to work out you all have a meltdown. fuck off


You're accusing me of idpol when you're just as idpol guilty you fucking retarded, you drop 'trannie' every second word you mong


I'm just saying it how it is

Don't want to be called a trannie don't sperg like a retard, report the other thread with the incel and move on


Sneed feeds from my peen


? I'm not a trans person dumbass, and I did report it, let's see how long it takes the mods to remove an incel thread. Isn't it funny how those good old incel thread stay up for ages while when I make one single thread you get triggered beyond belief like this. lol


File: 1615792874072.png ( 434.96 KB , 2514x1048 , ClipboardImage.png )

Part of my job is prioritizing where my time is spent, otherwise the effectiveness of moderation suffers as a whole. The thread is saged now, so time spent reading it will be mostly wasted.
You're a notorious idpoler too. Your posts have been deleted many many times.

The incel thread led to interesting conversation and the OP was generally in good faith. Plus people were making fun of incel ideology in the thread.
Your thread is pure spite against men (?) but mostly fat men (?). There's no "fat men" ideology. So, your thread is retarded.


I don't really care if you think i'm trans or not, at this point I'm just laughing at how fucking retarded you have to be to get your actual IP banned hahaha holy shit, you can't use Tor? Are you actually special needs omg
How is incel-ism not fucking idpol? There was interesting conversation in my thread too, that doesn't make it magically not idpol. Plus there are plenty of idpol incel threads made each week and you people never remove them. I make a single post to get on scrotes' nerves and suddenly, you're moderating /b/ again. This is completely unfair


damn my apologies, you really are a special needs child


File: 1615793571532.jpg ( 222.05 KB , 1070x491 , then it is an even fight.jpg )

>retarded phoneposter v retarded torposter


>he's a phoneposter too
how is that not worse


How is this thread not idpol?
Why is it still up? Kinda hypocritical, janny


These two must be the dumbest motherfuckers on earth. A fake leftcom and a fake feminist.

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