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I want an update thread button at the bottom of the page and being able to toggle it to be automatic
I want to be able to add my own CSS (I made a custom one for bunkerchan)
I want to be able to post 5 files in one post
I want to be able to have 4chanX style customization, filters and threads watcher
I want an onion link

What do you think?


I will use this thread to post other request as I use the website.

>add an icon so we can see which threads are pinned, which one a locked and which ones are bumplocked

>add a button to hide a post in one click


Both of those are in


Idk if the devs implemented them because they read my post, but thank you for adding the ability to upload multiple files and the update button, I really like it. Also, I love the Lainchan theme
It's nice seeing how quick this website is evolving

How do you hide a post? (not that this is a really important feature anyway)


>add a button to report posts
And not a feature request but more of a rule request:
>ban soyjack spam


I have a serious problem, whenever I click on a reply I am transported to the post and there is no problem. However when I click on the post number the reply was replying to, I get a 404 error.




I'd like /robots.txt to be fixed so language generating algorithms can benefit from our viewpoints.
You can blacklist/blackhole specific user-agents or directories later if there's too much robot data


also I want a monthly thread on leftypol showing the current meta topics

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