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Could we have a permanent cycling thread for rightoids to debate us. In this manner we could keep than contained to one thread and prevent right-wingers from making new thread's or spreading their shit on other threads.


File: 1618839195320.mp4 ( 731.93 KB , 640x640 , hibernian.mp4 )

Wouldn't it be easier to simply have word filters related to the Hibernian conspiracy?
MIGAtards,Stormfags and all other kinds of self important cumskins are going to make separate threads anyways and then we are gonna have to wait for the mods to move their bait threads back to the cyclical which is going to disrupt continuity of bait taking and discussion. Just give the white niggers some real redpills


Yeah that also makes sense, but we want to actually change their mind or keep them effectively contained, so I think a cyclical thread would be better.


i agree, the carrot-colored calamity needs to be exposed at all turns


File: 1619152848204.png ( 422.37 KB , 1331x401 , Capture.PNG )

The rightoids have started migrating in greater numbers now.


bad idea
just anchor threads like these >>5126


>argues that communism is doomed to fail
>he must be a rightoid
this is a LEFTIST board not revisionist commie safe space


Besides "turning right-wingers" being something only masochists would enjoy, it wouldn't prevent them from making new threads because chances are they'd be a new user and wouldn't bother looking for some sort of "general" where their shit should be.


This was the rationale for having a /pol/ thread and it just turned into a base for them to take the rest of the site. Mods should just work to scrub those threads.


What the fuck are you talking about? Leftypol has always been communist.


Does /pol/ have a permanent cycling thread for us? no. So no.


because you realize that ANY social media that just lets debate go on with out any uncessary censorship WILL OVERTIME BECOME RIGHT-WING

right wing idea's trump left-wing idea's in an free enviorment


Right now, it's just the fact that there are a 100x more /pol/yps then us so they just scream loudly and win arguments via tantrums.


>debate me bro
>le marketplace of ideas


Well as others have said, /pol/yps will colonize the place if we let them fester here. They need to get b&

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