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There should be a 🍔 at the top of every post coming from the US.



Unironically yes. We should be able to filter them out of threads too.


Yes but we should includ aussies and english


It would be interesting just to have country identifying flags in general tbh


the problem with this sort of thing is that while it sounds funny you quickly get to the point where people think they can avoid making an argument by appealing to your nationality.


we already do that


For reasons stated, we will not be doing this. But thank you for your input.


that was the fear on /4pol/ as well. the problem was everyone was shitting on americans for their awful shitposts but once flags were implemented they discovered it was australians, indians, swedes, and canadians who were making all the shitty posts and germans and central americans constantly shrieking about americans.

i would like to see flags on /leftypol/ just because the national shitflinging would at least be accurate instead of idiotic speculation. it also helps to give context to opinions. maybe it's my lack of autism but i find it much easier to ignore shitty arguments, like appeals to nationality, than it is to reply to them.


Not a bad idea, though it doesn't deal with VPN use. Still it may help with spotting a raid.

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