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File: 1623953905415.png ( 27.99 KB , 1660x753 , external-content.duckduckg….png )


What is this American calendar bullshit? Use Year-Month-Day like god intended.


Seconded with gusto. I could begrudgingly accept day-month-year as well but not going largest-to-smallest units or smallest-to-largest is to be honest pretty schizo. What's even the rationalization?


Critical support for ISO 8601!


Just flip the month and day and remove the spaces around the day of the week to make it look like the boards of old.

What the fuck does schizo even mean anymore


standard is standard is standard! and this is a relatively widely adopted one too, so it's not like we'd be just picking one of many possible standards. i fucking DESPISE the use of the fucking TWO DIGIT YEAR, and especially when we are near a fucking MILLENNIUM BOUNDARY. i am also very fucking annoyed that since dd/mm and mm/dd are often used in the same fucking country, it only makes sense if the day is larger than 13. switch this board to ISO or i will start neon-painting your dogs to resemble gay fursonas


File: 1624067770819.png ( Spoiler Image, 3.47 KB , 190x23 , baseddisco.png )


second preference is ddate


Two-digit year looks better though.


Hello, I have passed along this suggestion to the tech team, I personally agree that we should switch away from m-d-y, though I don't know whether Year-month-day or day-month-year is better as a replacement. Either way, this will depend on when the tech team can get round to it, but thank you for your suggestion.


File: 1624314626429.png ( 5 KB , 305x20 , ClipboardImage.png )

Thoughts on this format?
It's basically ISO 8601 with the short Day of Week stuck after the date for convenience.


Looks good, timezone would be UTC?


It is currently UTC (right?) and that will stay the same. All I did for that screenshot was change the format string and screencap an old test post, that's why it's a different time.


Why don't americans follow a logical Y-M-D or D-M-Y routine ?


Why not use the user's browser settings?


because then we can't bully the yanks into not using their stupid date format any more


thank you based devs


Non yankee dating now implemented, thank you for the suggestion.


File: 1624895746228.jpg ( 549.74 KB , 3099x3305 , 1622895948396.jpg )

holy based


Thanks, science!


Should've gone for slashes like it's always been done instead of this nerdy STEM shit.

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