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It seems like the original dollar's server for bunkerchan.net is still up. You can access it via this IP, if there's a new domain name then I can't find it.
Their board seems dead ever since the bunkerchan.net domain redirected to the leftypol.org server. Everyone who posted there didn't seem to care much about the split, they just kept posting there out of habit, and just needed a helping hand in order to migrate.
With that in mind, there were still some seething losers active there, who were foaming at the mouth at us winning the split and posting about how much they hate and despise leftypol.org. In the end they all seem to have moved to leftycel according to replies to any post which asks why the board is dead.
I'm honestly not surprised. Now, there are actual CP-apologia threads on that site from some anarchist incels. The thread has been up for months and their BO actively endorses it. This leads me to believe that it was one of them who posted CP to the Infrared subreddit and then began to false flag on leftypol.org as a form of infantile revenge. Thoughts?


Thanks for the links, idiot.




its possible


File: 1625355194191.png ( 76.85 KB , 606x564 , dfd.png )



d011ars gave up and deleted the official Twitter
It will go down when the payments for the server are not kept up


But the anarchoids and leftcoms who remained on bunkerchan after the split don't care if he gave up, they still hate us for winning and for being tankies. lol


Bye, fuck off & never come back, thanks.


Where is space and dollars nowadays


Space gave up and transferred the site to d0llars. Never to be heard of again.

You know, I never really considered this option. It makes perfect sense.

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