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Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/
It"s the only way of making it relevant.


Good idea.


>someone makes thread for /leftypol/
>/edu/ weirdos deem the thread "good enough" for their intellectual circlejerk
>report post so it can be moved to their dead board and OP's effort post is deprived of replies and put in a ghetto he never wanted it to be in
No. Fuck /edu/, it's a slower /leftypol/ for pseuds


Check this out:




Leftypol peasants labor for the edu chads to extract the surplus threads


More like /edu/ simps for /leftypol/ because they're totally lacking in the talent for making it on their own


Mods listen to me


Yes please!


yes sir


File: 1627397068087.jpg ( 152.93 KB , 1080x1620 , stalin-reading.jpg )

Here from the /edu/ sticky. This proposal would definitely help increase traffic on /edu/. We constantly get threads on leftypol asking "what does leftypol think of x author" which might be more suited for /edu/. I often find leftypol is too fast for proper theory discussion, while /edu/ has too few users to have any real discussion. On /edu/, lots of question threads go largely ignored since few people see them, and thus the chance of someone with the appropriate knowledge to respond seeing the threads is little.

I think there is a fine balance to strike here. /edu/ needs to be large enough so that threads can have greater likelyhoods of receiving attention yet slow enough so that the discussion that does happen does not get drowned out by other posts.

Perhaps moving explicit theory/book/author threads from leftypol to /edu/ would help with this. Of course threads regarding current political happenings or past historical events, however theory-oriented they may be, should stay on leftypol.


/edu/ appears to be in favor, I'm happy to open up the question in the /leftypol/ meta sticky to get their opinions.
The only complaints I've seen so far is that it could cause /leftypol/ to get dumber and kill conversations by moving them to /edu/.


File: 1627557421362.jpg ( 82.53 KB , 334x334 , guy_debord-d130.jpg )

If done with consistency and precise considerations of what belongs to /edu/ and what not it won't.
The kind of threads that belong on /edu/ when posted on /leftypol/ get only couple of quality replies and a lot of brainlet or nazi spam on it. Moving them on /edu/ would allow for more quality and quantity replies since discussion would be more active without the need of bait posts. It would be no damage for anybody.
But the rules of what belongs to /edu/ should be well though, not like /b/


I'm afraid the amount of bait, newfags and raids on /leftypol/ because of the site's name and the difficulty that causes for effortposts to be seen is making it increasingly dumb by default.


/b/ could be removed to drive out the /pol/ colony, incel, PUA, redpill, mysogynists, coomaddicts, nimwits and LGBTQ libs for a start.


I personally think /b/ was a mistake as well. It seems as if it was made to divert the lowest of the already low level of discussion on /leftypol/ somewhere else, while we would've done better to promote /edu/ for serious discussion and /leftypol/ for more general stuff and banter in the first place. By creating /b/, we essentially diverted traffic in the wrong direction, giving the r-slurs more autonomy etc. instead of book worshippers


So are mods gonna do this or what


nothing, mods are poltards


Can mods please respond?


These things take time but I don't see it happening. We did it for /b/ but /edu/ is in the opposite direction of /b/. Taking quality threads from fast /leftypol/ to /edu/ sounds like it sends quite a bad signal. There is a very specific kind of non political thread that could be removed from /leftypol/ but otherwise there is really no cause to do that.
>If done with consistency and precise considerations
>fine balance to strike here
Right now I only see two possible ways: Either transplant threads from the bottom of the /leftypol/ catalog (is that gonna have an effect beyond archiving?)
move threads that have no or next to no connection to politics


>move threads that have no or next to no connection to politics
What would be these kinds of thread? Post an example


really there is only this:
that would also be adequate on /edu/
maybe, possibly this


(actually the second should just be removed ig)


Mods you need to balance. Right now your priorities are way too much on PPH/quantity and nowhere near enough on working class socialist engagement / quality.
Don't drown this community in a Ocean of Piss in the striving for a Google index ranking.

Fix the split of quality posting being spread thin and disorganized across two boards - /leftypol/ and /edu/.

I think the possible solution is to rename /leftypol/ (since we are now an entire website with boards) to /world/ or what have you as suggested. This alone could potentially solve the problem, but the last comment from the mod here made it sound like this is no longer certain to even happen. Please at the very least do it for the sake of establishing a counterbalance to the waste material overflowing the Urinal and the assorted consumerist boards which has been slowly killing reasonable and informative discussions for months now.

The only other option is to pull the plug on the in-house Urinal, but it seems this is less likely, having witnessed the rationale behind creating it and having it around (quantity).

It's either a solution to this problem or the death of leftypol. Not even kidding.


File: 1627762103348.png ( 157.98 KB , 363x393 , Screen_Shot_2020-06-16_at_….png )

>Quality posting by 2025, mods are developing the productive forces


i support these ideas, but to be fair the name /edu/ is really shitty
it's ok for a side-board but if you guys want to take this seriously it should be renamed into /theory/ or similar imo, it's catchier for the average poster and more likely to drive traffic into, especially if you make it an announcement


I am the anon that posted this >>>/meta/7368
I agree with what you are saying. Unfortunately, my idea garnered little to no support and some push back.

I liked the rationale given by the anon who said /world/ was a good name. If you really want to get this idea out the door, you have to put in the leg work to phrase it in an attractive and understandable way. I can personally only do so much, and I've been more offline than I've been in the last 5 years.

I used to dislike /b/ more, but now I see some potential good coming out of there. There's some posts that are genuinely engaging, or that have made me laugh. The problem is that low effort posting splashes to other boards, namely leftypol. And I also dislike the ironic reactionary shit that sometimes goes unchecked on /b/… but whatever. As I have stated elsewhere, I think /leftypol/ has become too focused on world politics (which isn't necessarily bad) but it has left out the more philosophical threads to the periphery.

I must make the disclaimer that this is only my individual idea as a user. I only represent myself.


Quality already sinked to an all time low recently. I don't know how but please fix it.


>Right now your priorities are way too much on PPH/quantity and nowhere near enough on working class socialist engagement / quality.
Priorities are not on PPH/quantity. I see how it may have sounded like that, but it is not the priority. I am the user posting graphs, and it's masturbation, not a priority. As far as I can tell, most mods don't care about that beyond 'don't die'.

I see 0 chance of /leftypol/ being renamed. Not only is it a chore on the backend (which is why siberia is still /b/) but /leftypol/ is the entire premise of the site. I've proposed it be changed when we were still on bunkerchan and there was an explicit 'no'.

What would a rename accomplish? I don't understand the rationale of how that would affect the discussions or improve quality.


To my understanding, it's not /theory/. /edu/ is not politics-specific.


/edu/ should be about learning and shit, not about politics.


I think the effort posts here are actually near their peak but the shit posts have gotten a lot shittier.


/b/ is necessary because imageboard culture is naturally prone to shitposting, with /b/ all that shitposting is effectively contained.

Also /b/ is somewhat fun and a way for people to relax and talk about shit.


New mods are gonna help edu?


Yes! New mods needs to revisit this thread and >>7368 and reevaluate / give new thought to the suggestions made, but to summarize: Something needs to be made to up quality


/b/ was objectively better before the redirect, and it isn't necessary either.


without /b/ all this shitposting woud happen on /leftypol/ and this woud make /leftypol/ even worse


Mods should help edu


It was. /b/ is complete trash now except for the copypasta thread and a few more. Also it seems like radlibs and /pol/yps are constantly trying to colonize it.


We should only have /b/, /leftypol/, /edu/, /hobby/ and /meta/

b for shitposts, lefttpol for discussiong, edu as an archive, hobby should host tech, games, anime and music, and meta as it is

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