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File: 1627228299096.png ( 5.96 KB , 214x236 , shockjak.png )


Like seriously what happened several minutes ago? How can some people post gory images such as the one with the islamic terrorist tagline (where Samuel Paty's beheaded head can be seen). And also why is one post praising Kyle Rittenhouse? Like are those posts from /pol/ or is that a collection of /pol/ false flags disguised as antifa discussions?! Or is it just a spammer, posting useless things with a bot?

Are we attacked just now?


Sorry I've posted rather late bcs i'm waiting for my ip to be unbanned (ip banned for 1 day)


it's one of the mods stirring up pph


Just another slow day with zero happenings. Schizos need to be attention whores so they waste their time posting shit here.


Oh I see. Bcs when I've saw those posts I was immediately like"where the fk do these posts come from!?" and featured gory images and a KYLE RITTENHOUSE-praising post?!?!?!




The spam machine's ramping up again! I'm curious what's happening inside their minds.


Poltards call you degenerate yet have massive folders of CP, gore and transhumanist wounds. Really makes one think the cognitive dissonance is unreal.


go back faggot


And now you're harassing me? I'm just asking you guys what happened several minutes ago and counting into this exact moment.


> I'm curious what's happening inside their minds.
Lead poisoning. https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2018/02/an-updated-lead-crime-roundup-for-2018/
Tetra4Anon seems pretty based from the posts I've seen, let him stay.


File: 1627233234493.jpg ( 131.1 KB , 616x900 , нет.jpg )

Yo Tetra4Anon, replying to dumb troll posts doesn't help. That person comes around occasionally and responding just gives them attention. They're doing it to get a reaction. That's what's going on in their head.


File: 1627265932923.mp4 ( 5.09 MB , 1280x720 , pol cuck porn spam gore th….mp4 )

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