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File: 1627941882813.jpg ( 104.1 KB , 976x850 , Peeps.jpg )


Is it really just the same few retards who keep spamming their rightiod opinions in multiple posts to make it look like there are more of them than there actually is?


Yes, I've caught the same retard about 3 times now


There's one who comes on every single day (ban evader) and samefags their own thread to bump and feign popularity. They usually post OPs about China outside of the general or another non-leftist news with a link at the bottom, they use reddit spacing and clearly don't know what anti-capitalism is.
I left this thread up since it became popular, but you can see the redtext notes added after their ban. >>>/leftypol/413815
This is their typical writing style. Feel free to add that 'do not reply' poster when you see them.


I'm sure the dude invited over his friends to shitpost here because the posting here has been getting worst. Unironic trump shills and republics shitposting here.


Why are those posters even there? Do they even come here voluntarily?


Yep. I don't really know where they came from.


Are you guys talking about "ChadolfHitler"


>>8553 (me)
He wouldn't be so much of a problem if people didn't reply to him, but I guess it's too tempting.


No, this one doesn't use a name.


imageboards are incredibly easy to manipulate
it's like textbook shit


Is this same fag spamming "left trumpism" or what


not only that
unlike forums (and even newsgroups/usenet)
you only have the text of the message, not the author or the title to filter with.
regardins manipulation, imageboards are absolutely yhe worst of the lot


File: 1628293126004.png ( 162.76 KB , 667x528 , 1624684702819.png )

What's TheThingNoticer's endgame?


share his brain infection with everyone else


Is the Tulcel spammer a hivemind? A k hive?


they're driving me nuts, can't we ban all data center IPs?

Unique IPs: 10

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