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Who have we encountered several moments ago? Someone with a left communist flag just appeared in the "Macron lost control of the state", sperging out anti-vaccine theories, claiming that it's too bourgeois. Is he a /pol/ poster? Is he a visitor, Or is he a /pol/ RECRUIT seeking approval from communists so that the far-left becomes far right with leftist characteristics?

Victims pls discuss here.

Pic: There are no bigger resolutions of the leftcom flag, I'll just use one that looks similar.


He was there before too
We always had faggots like that such as king lear or Leninhat


>king lear
I don't know about him before


Do you really have to make a whole thread just because someone posted something that you don't like?

Touch grass already lmao.



This and this.


No, he basically peddled antivax propaganda and right wing talking points, no wonder I posted this thread because I want to ask you guys.


Are you new? Good, he was a schizo who mixed NWO-homoglobo conspiracısm with theory of there is no rivalry between NATO/Japan and Shanghai-Pact and they are actually both controlled by global-capitalist-elites that rivalry is just a show. He also denied climate-change many times, claimed it's conspiracy of bourgeoisie
He then banned for repeating "uyghur genocide" stuff
>Or is he a /pol/ RECRUIT seeking approval from communists so that the far-left becomes far right with leftist characteristics?
Explain that, also how do you know he is mexican
We also had mexican nazbol here, is that you and did you create a thread about you??


Touch grass, and some animals too,we already have a meerkat thread, go there.


The absolute state of leftypol- banning a user for being anti-corporate vax.


Sure. I only knew about this thread back in May 2021.


He gave proof through his vaccination certificate, there, on the far bottom left there is a Gobierno de Mexico watermark


File: 1627980126856.png ( 1.21 MB , 2460x1410 , screen.png )

I'm sorry but after just having just seen the leftcom mexican spam-post his anti-vaxx shit in the "Macron lost control" thread, get banned, ban-evade, get banned again, ban-evade again (etc. etc.), and then going back to the catalog to lurk a different thread and seeing this fresh new thread "On the leftcom Mexican" at the top of the catalog, I fucking LOST it. You are a savage OP, G'damn. I'm laughing so hard my sides are obliterated.

Imagine being so spammy and provocative with your anti-vaxx, /pol/toid shit takes that you now have an entire thread on the catalog specifically about you as a poster, with the purpose of figuring out what the fuck is your problem? LOL


Pol recruits often use appropriate language (like in place of people they use proletarians, in place of elites they use the bourgeoisie) in order to bring them closer, win their hearts and minds, and simply just set them free.


No, no, no. I'm not the mexican leftcom, I'm a n anon that dealt with him.


>anti-corporate vax
you just keep on moving your goal posts to cover your retardation with pseudo leftist rhetoric
last week it was that viruses don't exist, now it's just the corporations
but still it's on grounds of retardation that you cry about it, no socialist analysis to be found

if you want to do something for socialism, go die for the cause, off yourself


I'm amused that OP is so dumb that he thought that the best way to fight against spam is making the most retarded thread of the day.

About a single poster.


Just asking you guys for more explanation. Chill down anon. Hadn't that bitch came over here yet I wouldn't post this exact thread. I have dealt with him before.


I know you're not him. It was more a rhetorical question about the leftcom poster.




Then go and post this shit on meta and stop ruining the board with more retarded threads.
We had enough idiocy with the macron thread and the meerkat thread.


Well okay then.



What is your opinion of the government bailouts for banks after the 2008 crash?


If this thread ends up in meta you might as well have a link to the macron thread ITT so anybody seeing this in meta who wasn't there for the macron thread shitshow where leftcom went full-spammy with his anti-vaxx/covid-denialist/general /pol/toid shit takes can know wtf was going on and what you're even referring to in your OP

Also the archived version:




I saw him before. Literally noone new you fag


Okay fag.


For clarification: what is inherently right-wing about:
- questioning the capitalist state
- questioning the mass-media
- being critical about official IFR statistics
- being critical about generalized state repression
- being critical about the motives of pharmaceutical enterprises
- mentioning adverse side-affects from experimental vaccines
- being critical about broad censorship of criticism of any of the above
- supporting corporal autonomy
I would like to know


The same exact values are shared with Republicans.


This means you have no argument.
If you were being honest you would at least have to admit that there are different class reasons to have criticism of these things.
Right-wingers & apologists of the decadent petty-bourgeoisie:
- are the right wing of the capitalist state
- question only lib media
- minimize IFR only to promote business-as-usual
- pretend the democratic state was never so oppressive before
- are funded and hold major shares and leadership over pharmaceutical companies

We communists critical of the same basic points hold none of those interests in common and to conflate us is purposeful distortion


File: 1628174097232.png ( 554.3 KB , 936x694 , 837a048c7813f3a82a8b2fa306….png )

I remember when leftcom flagposters were good and worthy of respect in the old days. Now it's a flag just used by baiters and shitposters. How the mighty have fallen.


Just look around and you'll see why. None of the flags are pure and free of retarded shitposting. The small group of leftcom posters (I'd guess there's about about 5 of us) that haven't completely given up on /leftypol/ by now are perfectly capable of effortposting and I did a few today both with and without a flag but with the absolute state of the userbase it's like throwing pearls to swine. Nobody wants to engage, anything insightful we say is ignored, misunderstood, met with tired cliches or deleted by stupid indiscriminate vols that delete leftcom posts as if they were pavlovian dogs.
So people like the mexican comrade just troll out of frustration and get accused of being /pol/acks even though they're mostly just making fun of the userbase's lack of rupture with social-democracy and liberalism.
It's your own damn fault that some of us mostly just come here to just to troll and shitpost so If you're going to bitch about how "the good leftcoms don't come around anymore" just remember it's because you earned it.

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