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I've been an Imageboard user for 10 years, I've been posting regularly on 8 imageboards ranging from 4chan, to other more niche oriented imageboards and others focused on certain languages.

And I can say with total certainty that leftypol has by far the worst mod team I've ever seen, they can't agree on what the rules mean, they don't understand their own rules, they challenge and dispute each other over petty things, they feel the need to constantly post using their mod caps as a way to bring attention to them, they are unnecessarily obnoxious etc etc.

They all behave like spoiled 15 year olds, no they're even worse, moot managed to moderate and manage a much bigger imageboard at that age, you have absolutely no excuse for your behavior, and this applies to all of you.

Do you really need to make tons and tons of stickies to complain about others? Tons and tons of threads playing victim and blaming other mods? This is not a game, you're running a website, you're at the vanguard of a movement that will be very strong and far reaching in a few years, and instead of doing your jobs as quietly and diligently as possible with clear rules and moderation policies you feel the need to destroy the site with your drama, your stupid backstabbing, your stubbornness and plain horrible behavior.

You're supposed to be adults, well read and intelligent adults, but for some reason you feel the need to act like pic related. While destroying the site at the same time.

Grow a pair, all of you, and focus ffs, this whole shitshow may be fun for some of you (roleplaying as Coupists, dictators or poor victims of the opposition) but it's not fun at all for us, the users of this place.


This will be the case soon enough. The only people complaing right now: Anti, Caballo, m00dy, etc etc are the ones who have been removed for this exact behavior par watermelon who is being a massive faggot, but, can at least be forgiven for he has only done so twice in record.


Good luck running the board schizo.


>split #14, mod removal #6812
>it's gonna get better this time




>I've been an Imageboard user for 10 years
my condolences


File: 1628675848431.jpg ( 76.48 KB , 594x395 , 3782d3c2478496467b63fedfaa….jpg )

I miss old /leftypol/. Fuck you mods.




>using 4chan

fuck off conservative socialist


rules ought to be guidelines and moderation ought to be based on discretion rather than lawyer-like adherence to rules. where the mod team fell short was not bringing their disputes into the public domain for discussion before they grew to the point where they started removing one another. in this way, a general policy could be decided for how to moderate any given subject (with rules added, clarified or altered as necessary.)

sorry about the 10 wasted years.


Migrating from bunkerchan was a mistake

also see my thread: >>441498


>fuck off conservative socialist
no u

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