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So, which of you motherfuckers have watched a bunch of Graham Hancock videos and what do you think about the subject?

Obviously there is a big crossover with Nazism and Hyberborea and all that shit, but where are we on the idea that there are ancient lost civilisations, ones which were quite advanced?

I'm fairly sold on it, they keep find new ones, like the one around Ankor watt for example.


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Didn't nazi's think they were aliens or some shit?


Yeh there is the whole vril energy thing, many of whom thought the aryan race came from a different planet


the Nazis had many weird ideas, for example they thought that it might be possible that we were living on the inside of earth, like the planet might be hollow. Because they imagined it possible that the surface is on the interior of a concave Earth, Hitler sent an expedition with powerful telescope cameras, to the Baltic island of Rugen to spy on the British fleet. the expeditionaries did so not by aiming their cameras across the ocean, but by pointing them up to peer across the atmosphere to the Atlantic Ocean.


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Magic acupuncture tattoos

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