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Is it me or shit has been happening with an interval of every 4 years in this new millennium? I know y2k was supposed to happen in 2000 and 2004 was ok (unless one considers election of Bush to be that kind of happenings), what I have seen is that
>2008 - stock market crash
>2012 - world was supposed to end hysteria
>2016 - brexit and Trump
>2020 - Covid-19

Is 2024 going to be the year where it will be ogre?


this is numerology (false positives in pattern recognition) unless you also propose a predictive mechanism that explains the 4 year happening cycle. Every year shit happens and you could probably cherry pick data to fit any interval for cyclical happenings.

Marx's crisis theory predicts major capitalist crisis like roughly every decade, but that has like a lot of theory going into it, not just a list with dates and happenings. So in conclusion you just gave us 4 data points and are demanding we interpolate data for 2024. This amounts to loose speculations without substance, but fair enough I'm going to guess 2024 the dollar hegemony ends and that causes dramatic happenings of some kind.


2024 will be the first year the Olympics will allow ayys to compete


Why do you think I posted this question here than any other board? Biggest happening of this millennium indeed happened in 2001, then Arab spring to ISIS and refugee crisis happened between 2011 to 2015, therefore one can say that the happenings I mentioned had a build up which culminated in those years. Yet I find it interesting it happened in those years which were leap year. Which is why I made this thread here than >>>/leftypol/
Pretty >>>/posad/ ngl.


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You won't find that pattern happening prior to 2008 is because Obama was the first internet meme POTUS. US president election has got to do something with that and the meme magic. 2024 will the next election, so place your bets.


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2024 is deff going to be the year when we see a lot of (even crazier) shit start popping off. I expect trump to return and to win the political election which is going to send the country into massive riots all over again because of the backlash from the backlash of the backlash of trump winning.


>lines up perfectly with the burgeria election cycle
Theory: Burger-owned media ramps up the hysteria whenever an election draws near and ongoing events during these election years are amplified to seem like major world-changing happenings despite there being similar happenings every year.


Nothing happened in 2012 and 2016


>if you ignore the multiples of 4 where nothing happened and also ignore all the things that happen in between 4 year intervals, things happen every 4 years WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

take your meds


This is why we need a world revolution so we don't have to deal with any news of who becomes the president of United States.


if we want to survive we have to go back to the absolutely roots.
all these shit is just distraction.


It's defo not just you. Futurists have been predicting that the 2020's were going to be a pivotal decade.
I think so we're going to too 5 years in the same way as past generations see decades. As like this discrete era with commonly shared experiences.
AI is already making COVID seem like a lifetime ago.


9/11 was an event that affected geopolitics and raped and pillaged a whole region for 20 years and didn't happen in a leap year. 2012 was only big because of places like History Channel milking it for ratings
Also kinda fucky that this thread was before the war in Ukraine

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