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Haiti was on the middle of a civil conflict when an earthquake hit them, surely the political impact of it will be of relevance, Should a revolutionary left weaponize tectonic movements as to destabilize (no pun intended) capitalism? Is it even possible? Perhaps detonating a nuke in a geographical fault?

Let's discuss the political impact of earthquakes.


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Ah, a fellow quake-truther
It is very convienient for the US to have an eathquake anywhere, as it allows them to just walk in under the pretence of administering "aid".

Look at the Bam earthquake in 2003. 20k killed, 30k injured, 100,000 homeless. So after Bush labeled Iran in the "Axis of Evil" and wanted to find their "weapons of mass destruction", he forced his way in like a rude guest and brutalized the population.

Yes, I am suggesting that world powers operate through weather system related attacks.
Yes, that is what fracking is really for.
Yes, HAARP, or something like that, is responsible for all of these atrocities, and the especially the aftermath of such.


I’m seeing some quite based things in this thread, who has sources ?


one word: HAARP


I am very well informed by this guy https://youtu.be/txQFnGZvuHo


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its should happen again but probably some 300k years from now… only if……..


take your meds, schizos.


its no real because…. it just isn't!


>Haitian warlords are Demanding for a regime change
>Earthquake hits

Yeah get fucked, the CIA is behind this


/myguy/, /my earthquake dealer/, has a new forecast up


>flood detected


I cant tell if this guy is schizo or real. The forecast was an earthquake in California this week. We shall see.


And the cities around oil pumping zones in Utah and Colorado


>there is no gravity, only oscillating plasma


>Yes, HAARP, or something like that, is responsible for all of these atrocities, and the especially the aftermath of such.
Why would they use it against their own country though? Assuming it's controlled by the West and not a ZOG-esque cabal, why would they purposefully cause massive droughts in their most productive agricultural regions? The amount of economic damage drought causes to places like California is catastrophic. Why not cause huge droughts in China or Russia (I know parts of Russia are in a drought, but not the massive droughts typical of the region)?


>Why would they use it against their own country though?
In the case of earthquakes, there are some options:
<Oil companies are comically evil
Porkies do that sometimes
<Porky is still human, and makes mistakes sometimes
they can't completely influence earthquakes/weather, sometimes they make an oopsie :^)
<It is actually a rival global power's attack
This is a possibility. Russia and China are big oil drillers.

But really, I think it is just something that happens when you blast toxic waste through the earths crust on a fault line. Obviously, this is inconvenient for big oil.
"You cannot predict earthquakes!"
"Fracking can't cause them!"
I am of the inclination that Hawaii is a perfect place to conduct seismic experiments, so America surely has had headstart here.

>inb4 this isnt haarp

I dont actually know much about haarp, the "official" story seems legit to me.


Who the fuck is this guy and what is he about?


hes a youtuber trying to save the world


I need more detail than that.


He's an earthquake autistic/schizo (hard to tell)
His channel's been banned 6 or so times
No degree, not sure what he does for a living
He also repeats himself a lot


File: 1629356477362.jpg (218.07 KB, 500x500, 11323.jpg)

Nice superweapon that.


The plot of the film "the Core"


He's saying gravity is caused by plasma oscillations.
Its not like there are better ideas out there, he could be right. No one knows


There are way, way better ideas than that.


why are leftcoms like this?




post proof, schizos.


The US loves sending aid to nations ravaged by "national" disasters, what more proof so you need?


how does that prove anything? If I give a homeless guy a spare cig does that prove that I have a homelessness ray?


File: 1629849411096.jpg (91.52 KB, 1080x428, Screenshot_20210824-185602.jpg)




Natural disasters always cause income inequality and wealth for the richest at the expense of the poor. You can absolutely weaponize all natural disasters. Look at Covid. We have 10 million americans on the verge of homelessness, insanely high inflation, and trillions transfered to the rich with trillions leaving the proles.


I didn't say anything about fossil fuels, retard.

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