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i never really believed in this shit before. i'm still not sure if i believe it. but my coworker is convinced and says he has proof that he is a targeted individual. He says our job is some kind of PsyOP. I do have to say, there are some things that are making me personally suspicious as well. I know it is probably his unchecked mental health issues, but i am giving him the benefit of the doubt and entertaining the idea. I looked into the owners of the LLC and it was a whole web of things, all leading back to buildings on the same street/next to major headquarters of US Government agencies. They also all have some really weird fake sounding names. i'd rather not say them here. the mirror in the bathroom appears to be from the "nail check" to possibly be a 2 way window. on the other side of that wall IS apparently another company, but it's such a small space, but perfect for a monitoring room.

what I'm looking for here is 2 fold. How do I research this more to find out how much credence i should give to this whole theory? what research should i do? and how should i protect myself physically and digitally because if it IS a psyop, that means i'm unwillingly part of a secret government/black ops experiment.

thanks in advance, and please try not to mock the situation too much. imagine you're me in this, just trying to do your due diligence on the claims that have been made


ask them to check their mirror/phone while taking a selfie to see if they're being followed

deviate from daily schedule to see if anything pops out

put cameras around house if they can afford it

and maybe: watch the film Truman Show and copy it (dont wanna spoil it too much)

idk, my bad if this is bad advice


2-way mirros are obsolete spy tech, as you already know they have easy tells:
You can see through a 2way mirror if your room is darker then the other side. If you put a really powerful work-light up to the mirror so that it illuminates the other side you can probably see through it.

A 2way mirror might just be somebody recycling it as a regular mirror and there is nothing behind it. It could still point towards something fishy going on that is not a government op. It's probably illegal to put 2way mirrors into bathrooms, so if you want to make a fuss, you can make it about legal principles.

These days Spy-agencies probably use little cameras, sometimes they drill small holes in to walls to stick very thin fiber-optic light-guides with a camera at the end through a wall (if they can't get direct access to a room), or they put tiny smartphone camera-modules into light switches, smoke detectors or randomly placed objects. They can use laser microphones that can record voices from great distance via measuring the vibrations on the window glass.

Honestly those spy tools might already be outdated as well, because they might just have hacked your phone. You could make forensic IT your hobby, if you get good enough at it that they might risk detection they probably will move on to another target.

Keep in mind that most conspiracies are boring stuff, not black-ops experiments. Like laundering money for funding spy operations off the government books. If there is deep-state shenanigans going on you're probably just an unwitting extra that got employed to make a front org appear legit. The Horro-fiction plots are less likely.

Also consider other possibilities like corporate espionage, or some kind of mafia organization.

>how should i protect myself

If this isn't about you personally, and you're just a bystander, they will not pursue if you switch jobs. If you can't do that, keep in mind that most shadowy stuff is supremely opportunistic and all it takes is turning your self into a tougher pray. You don't have to outrun the predator you just have to be faster than the other pray.


Hey Op you still around ?


nice job, retard. now they know you know

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