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Skitzo round table.
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How to stop this board from being dead


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We should ask the dolphins to invite the AyyLMAOs for shitposting.
Tho the interstellar network lag kinda spoils the fun, we desperately need FTL-connectivity.


Post more like picrel please.


We don't need internet connection, we got one in our brains.


File: 1688318974109.jpg ( 292.41 KB , 800x960 , space dophine thanks for t….jpg )

there you go

>try praying to aliens
I'm feeling skeptical about that.
You try it, ask them for fusion generator blueprints


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I'm honestly not sure how or why any leftist would be interested in the paranormal and supernatural. I mean I know plenty of them do, and it's not Marx invented the idea of communism, but it still seems strange. Maybe that's why. They're not predisposed to schizoism like right wingers tend to be with their "Hitler was Vishnu" type shit and aren't afraid to look at material conditions.
t. Hardcore materialist


File: 1688355098578.jpg ( 112.34 KB , 542x996 , 1687893700127253.jpg )

dear god you're an angel. Thank you kind sir!


I like tarrot and I read my sign in the paper, but, I don't believe in them. I just think it's fun.
Also aliens are almost impossible not to exist.


Aliens are the most material of any /posad/ topic so yeah
I still flipflop from thinking Roswell was just a CIA psyop to hide experimental US military tech, to the government actually knowing aliens are real


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File: 1688359410415-1.jpg ( 42.26 KB , 475x699 , hard.jpg )

Mention the site more on other imageboards,honestly. Probably could have some anons spam popular threads on ogre routinely with links/images. Personally, found this board through lainchan. have been thinking posting some shit on /x/4chan since those retards are pretty funny and always have some trippy images


The org jannies hate this place and make it a mission to ban any and all discussion about it.


Majority of 4channoids still think bunkerchan is alive and fearmonger about "bunkertranshumanists" raiding them daily, few of them have little idea about it dying nor the split. You'll just get some soijaks spammed at you, and some schizos rants about how commies are weak transhumanists who also kill millions of white aryan babies and that's why you should kill any teenager who says something bad about capitalism. This place would probably just get overrun.
I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago


File: 1689178402062-0.png ( 630.76 KB , 1280x720 , 4de5fr6gt.png )

File: 1689178402062-1.png ( 92.14 KB , 1151x361 , neet lainon 1.png )

youre right and also too lazy to deal with their captca tbh
>I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago
ehh its gotten pretty slow(last i regularly browsed there was few months ago). recently there were times where the site was raided regularly with soyjacks and ugly ass pron.besides that the site is pretty quality


Banning incel and kf glowshit would increase traffic to the site as a whole, but other than that, maybe a draw thread? An arg involving posts on here perhaps? One of those animated 81x33 stickers.


Never heard that track before, 10/10

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