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Thread related to anything and everything vampire related and meeting other sentient/humanish supernatural beings.

I did have an experience with vampires. Three of them at a punk party years ago. One man and two women. Talking to them made me woozy and I felt like I couldn't lie to them, they were very interested in even minute details about my life (I was in my early 20s, so not much to say haha) and yes, they did have fangs. I wasn't bitten so I guess their interest faded but the memory has stayed with me of that interaction.

just drinking blood doesn't make someone a vampire. Although blood does continue life force, so does semen, so for a non-vampire that's a much less risky route to take. It also has more scientifically verifiable benefits like protein etc. Before you call me a fag please know that drinking semen for health benefits is NOT gay and for the layperson is overall superior to drinking blood. Either way, you can't become a vampire by just incorporating blood into your diet you can only become a vampire by way of another vampire.

So, does leftychan believe in vampires? Or is it antimaterialist, mere folklore, and phantasy?


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>drinking semen
>drinking blood
probably better to stick with regular food

>life force

dafuck is life force ?
Is that analogous to physics like a centrifugal force ?

>So, does leftychan believe in vampires? Or is it antimaterialist, mere folklore, and phantasy?

The origin of vampire stories come from people that suffer from cutaneous porphyria.

Porphyria, is a blood condition that makes patients sensitive to sun. If exposed to the sun, their skin can suffer blistering skin lesions. Premodern medical treatments recommended that patients drink animal blood to compensate for the defect in their red blood cells. Porphyria patients can suffer from skin disfigurements that also cause their gums to recede, and make their teeth appear like fangs. Porphyria also causes people to have a high sensitivity to sulfur. Garlic contains a lot of sulfur so people with that disease will tend to avoid it.

I guess that the vampire figure is still useful as a metaphor for exploitation, or perhaps in a social context for describing the psychological abuse from narcissists, which can feel draining as well.
The late Mark Fisher also used a vampire metaphor to explain identity politics

As far as immortal beings go, that only die if they are shot by a silver bullet, decapitated or impaled through the heart, that's definitely fantasy.


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are humans vampires to earth?


>are humans vampires to earth?
No earth is a planet, it's massive, there is nothing that humans could to it. Feel free to bite the ground and suck on it.

The capitalist way of running the economy is damaging the biosphere that lives as a thin layer of living organic matter on top of earth. But dumping pollutants into nature isn't really taking anything out of nature, analogous to vampires sucking blood.

So i would say no.




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the vampire figure persists as a metaphor for exploitation, perhaps applicable in social contexts to illustrate psychological abuse from narcissists, draining individuals. the late mark fisher utilized a vampire metaphor to elucidate identity politics.


That video is kind of retarded. If vampires are only affected by symbols of faith from their own religion, that video makes no sense. If Christian vampires are afraid of the Crucifix. That means a Jewish vampire would be afraid of symbols from Judaism like the Menorah (candle holder with 7 candles)


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found the jew


Spooky experience

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