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Does anybody else believe that the increasing rate of cancer is due to

1) The atmosphere being full of fossil fuels and
2) All the nuclear bombs tested (think of bikini atol, nuked every day multiple times for twelve years)

Seems like the irradiation has just seeped into everything, causing it to mutate in fucked up ways.

Other than that, its only been 100 years or so since we polluted everything, then suddenly its like 1 in 3 people get cancer.

I don't really know anything about it, did cancer exist before recently, when was it documented? Of course it could have gone undocumented, but I feel like its not that hard to find tumors and stuff most of the time


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I mean, cancer is on the rise not only because of shit like this but because there are plastics in everything we eat and even in the air at this point.
Also our diets are generally horrible and capitalism just drives us to consume with out end. It's really everything under the sun caused by capital in general causing cancer levels to rise: Stress alienation, etc etc. Those things also play a roll.


>did cancer exist before recently, when was it documented?
The ancient Egyptians described cancer in their medical scrolls. For every ailment and disease they were aware of they wrote down the cure or treatment for it. However when they got to the page on Cancer it just said "There is no cure."


>Does anybody else believe that the increasing rate of cancer is due to
No, it's due to the food we eat.


Do you know anything about relative cancer rates?

Yes, namely sugary food and smoking also.

Always found it kinda weird that it was these two crops that the slave trade was largely built on.

Capitalism is literally synonymous with cancer

You raise valid points as well, the fact stress causes cancer and so on.

Considering how unhealthy everything is, had this all been done deliberately?


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Retard, cancer rates are steadily going down over time with the cessation of smoking and banning of leaded gasoline.




Yes but for a long time smoking and leaded gasoline was pushed, and normal gasoline fumes still cause cancer.

The big corps also tried to cover up the damage of both of these things.

I'm not sure why this distracts from the overall point?


No not really I think our modern diet with round up laiden crops is causing mass homonal issues and intestinal cancers. An anon in ogre pointed out that things like IBS are extremely common these days as well.


Perfidious Ba duping us again, they knew they just wouldn't tell.



>On January 18, 1955, then-AEC commissioner Dr. Willard Libby said that there was insufficient data regarding the effects of fallout due to a lack of human samples – especially samples taken from children – to analyze. Libby was quoted saying, "I don't know how to get them, but I do say that it is a matter of prime importance to get them, and particularly in the young age group. So, human samples are often of prime importance, and if anybody knows how to do a good job of body snatching, they will really be serving their country."[4] This led to over 1,500 samples being gathered, of which only 500 were analyzed.[4] Many of the 1,500 sample cadavers were babies and young children, and were taken from countries from Australia to Europe, often without their parents' consent or knowledge.[5] According to the investigation launched after a British newspaper reported that British scientists had obtained children’s bodies from various hospitals and shipped their body parts to the United States, a British mother had said that her stillborn baby's legs were removed by British doctors, and to prevent her from finding out what had happened, she was not allowed to dress the baby for the funeral


>atmosphere being full of fossil fuels
lol what? sage the retard at it again


Ah yes I forgot our air is clean

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