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- Guns You Can Buy General -
Post guns that you want to buy or have already. Eurocucks welcome as is discussion of regulation.


File: 1707032103056.jpg ( 1.08 MB , 1250x1000 , 1707032083292.jpg )

Shot show just dropped the PWS UXR. I'm considering buying this with my tax return this year. It can swap calibers between 5.56 and 308 but I'm interested in buying the 308 and turning it into an autistic 7.62x39 memegun. I'm hesitant to buy without more reviews though since the videos that exist of it shooting seem to have bolt bounce and failures to eject.


File: 1707042575931-0.jpg ( 52.39 KB , 759x422 , w9s67052nr981.jpg )

File: 1707042575931-1.jpg ( 2.95 MB , 4032x3024 , dan-wesson-valor-v0-5r0n2v….jpg )

I'm a eurofag and will never own one, but I think 1911s are cool. Aesthetically they look incredible, and I like the heavy, durable, timeless feel they give off.

I know there is some debate over .45 vs 9mm (to put it mildly) but in mind bigger bullet = better. I have seen clips of cops shooting people 5+ times with glocks and they just carry on walking like nothing happened. I've never read an account of that happening with a .45 though.


File: 1707067189505.jpg ( 103.43 KB , 1024x789 , 6b96ade03ff3492f2bfd80c367….jpg )

Yeah 1911s are pretty cool and the disassembly is pretty intuitive. no weird stuff like overuse of pins that you have to drive out. Bigger bullet basically boils down to shooting skill with more recoil and number of expected assailants. More targets means higher capacity is better and weaker shooting skill (more flinch bad recovery etc) means smaller caliber will be better to hit in the first place. I've always been interested in getting a 10mm 1911 as this is a more powerful chambering with supersonic ammo while I believe all 45 acp is subsonic.


File: 1707068028221.png ( 323.84 KB , 996x1328 , 1707067879076.png )

I know for the Beretta 92 which I own, disassembly isn't so easy and instructions for doing so are retarded. You have to drive out four pins just to remove the firing pin and one of those pins you have to "stake" in with a punch or it will fly out. I like the gun but it wasn't made to be taken apart to that extent like the 1911 is or more modern guns. Since the Beretta 92 replaced the 1911 in the US military, maybe they made it retarded so troops wouldn't mess with it.


I think this might be the standard pistol, as in what everybody pictures when you say "pistol".

But for a small firearm the cheek-gun concept:
might actually be better. It seems like it makes it easier to aim.


File: 1707133362812.png ( 1.35 MB , 2048x1367 , Ian Idiocy.png )

Yeah lol but there are a lot of problems. You are restricted by model compatibility with this method to the Calico M950 (unobtainium) or the kel tec cp33 which is only chambered in .22lr (too weak for anything but small animals). When you use something like a short barrel AR15 or AR9, you're already too large to conceal which is the only benefit so you might as well just get a SBR tax stamp. So there's no good gun to use this with to my knowledge. Since, obviously, a handgun with a slide will just punch you in the face. For a concealed gun you can get today, you might as well just get a Glock and a detachable stock
Maybe a full auto conversion if legality weren't an issue.


>You are restricted by model compatibility with this method
perhaps it's necessary to design new guns specifically to be cheek-guns, for this to work


I have a 9mm highpoint with hollow tip bullets.
Everyone talks shit about high point but it's ok.
The only shitty thing about them i the guns are incredibly heavy.


no shame in a hi-point. Those guns can survive getting shot by another gun and keep trucking. It's funny how Glock worshippers love to harp about design simplicity but shit their pants when they see the ultimate in simplicity. I hope you practice anon.


Is this really true? Lol.
Now that's durability, kek.


File: 1708105389248.jpeg ( 159.09 KB , 937x1080 , 1708105385390.jpeg )

you're telling me your barrel isn't squib proof? You're telling me your gun can't survive 9mm?


Holy shit now that is a safe gun


File: 1708106310322.jpg ( 60.44 KB , 960x720 , 1708106306934.jpg )

Yeah lol I like to think my Beretta is decent for directing the gas out of the grip but this is a whole nother level


What kind of Beretta is that? I always wanted. 911.


not mine. I have a Beretta 92x RDO >>1446. I like it over a 1911 because the single action trigger is pretty good though not as good as a 1911, it has 18rd standard capacity which is pretty good, and it is in 9mm which is pretty budget friendly compared to 45 or 10mm. Don't just get a gun because you like the look though. I got the Beretta over a CZ75 because I could also reach the slide stop, safety, and magazine release. The trigger was also the correct distance from my finger, since when I adopted a good grip in the shop (with the beaver tail maximally compressed against my hand and my hand as close to the slide as possible), I was able to place the tip of my finger on the trigger face with the pad of my finger and/or at the first joint with my fingertip still sitting at 90 degrees to the gun.


File: 1708119270984.jpg ( 39.95 KB , 877x536 , 1708119263460.jpg )

forgot pic


Well, I really want the 1911 because it's the gun you start with on hard mode on RE3 for the PS1, kek. I've never shot it, though, truthfully I am still new to guns, but, I do enjoy my highpoint. I'm glad you like that 92x. It does seem like a good gun.It's a 9mm?


Mine is. You can get a 96 like >>1471 but it will be in 40s&w which is alright but people don't trust it because it used to blow up guns that were hastily created for it and it has nebulous benefits over 9mm.


IMFDB is pretty cool because you can look up your gun and see what it's been in as well as movies so you can see what guns were in it. https://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Resident_Evil_(disambiguation)


opinions on Palmetto State Armory? They seem like a pretty good place to get budget AR-15s and AKs


File: 1713990078677.jpg ( 17.99 KB , 1000x311 , 84310.jpg )

I like how they make AR-15s that look like this. No idea how reliable they are though.


The saber is a great starter rifle that enables you to practice on the platform while also having enough for ammo. If you're super budget though I'd recommend a pistol caliber carbine in 9mm that's not an ar9. Don't buy a .22lr because those are just toys or for niche small game like squirrels and shit. Buy a real gun then if you are too poor keep 200rds of ammo for your real gun then buy a 22 for practice. There's some 22lr bolt carrier groups you can get to practice on an ar platform too. There's almost no reason to buy a 22


File: 1713991629210.jpg ( 9.22 KB , 546x546 , 5165448152_082923_1.jpg )

Nice get lol. Anyways these look cool but lack modern amenities. You'll end up replacing the carry handle anyways so just get something like picrel so you can get a red dot later. Good starter red dot like holosun or sig romeo for about 100-150. Red dots are more user friendly than irons and even the cheap ones are good enough to make it inexcusable to not have one. PSA runs good deals on full guns with red dots and magazines that I'd jump on if I were you. You need at least four magazines to be 'ready'.


Appreciate the advice, anon :]

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