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File: 1682523119234.jpg ( 418.83 KB , 1644x2261 , 1681325056608664.jpg )

>Women already have a pussy. They don't want another
Fren, I'm not the one defending liberal feminism by attacking sex worker legalization advocates all because I get a fee crumbs of pussy dribbled out to me every once in while.
These women literally see men like you as savage animals and you still white knight for them on Vietnamese Cricket racing forums.


Listen, wanting Chad's sloppy BPD seconds is not a left thing okay. I'm on the left and I'm trying to travelmaxx too.


*I get a few crumbs of beatup pussy


Please leave your retarded politics in your own country. Faggy simps have already ruined women in the west. We don't need that disease to spread to other parts of the world.


Can't be helped, I need to COOOOOOOOM


File: 1682530397130.jpg ( 272 KB , 1080x1176 , IMG_20230427_003217.jpg )

Being a faggy leftist definitely isn't helping you with women


Neither of the 2 large parties in the US can conceivably be considered left


File: 1682532628693.jpg ( 90.89 KB , 1200x516 , piker-e1580926924515.jpg )

Haha you think that had anything to do with it.


File: 1682539563664.png ( 12.15 KB , 2560x1280 , ClipboardImage.png )

>septum piercing
>1000 cock stare
>chest tattoo
>tiktok attention whore
Flags as red as the USSR. Better to fap than sleep with a nasty slut.


>Doesn't understand what a photo op is
>Thinks some famous socdem streamerfag is representative of of the general left numale population


>That famous Chad lite didn't sleep with those women, it's all fake.


He very well might have. Women gravitate towards success, status, and winners. Despite clearly being born with fetal alcohol syndrome and being a pussy who is afraid of Hyde, he's done well by grifting 13 year olds on fbi.gov.

This doesn't negate the fact that, in general, leftist dudes are oversocialized and feminized numales who feel grateful for scraps of sex from inevitably disappointed soft 3s.


File: 1682571640120.jpg ( 30.34 KB , 436x500 , unnamed.jpg )



File: 1682575878844.png ( 38.86 KB , 640x479 , ClipboardImage.png )

Yeah I'll "cope" as a passport bro with my foreign virgin tradwife who knows how to cook, clean and raise a family lmao.


>Doesn't have nonwestern waifu yet
Men do things. make things happen
Boys talk about doing things

How many times do I have to tell you faggots this


And 'foreign tradwives' actually expect you to act like a man btw


And you should probably hurry. I've already ran through a handful of virgins in my corner of the non western world. Now these Ghana uyghas are arriving en masse too. There might not be any virgins left by the time you make it here.

Guess you shouldn't have wasted so much time watching retarded blackpill YouTube videos lol


Imagine quoting Aesop to defend a 1000 cock stare slut. Lmao.


File: 1682698455151.mp4 ( 9.49 MB , 640x360 , M O G G E D.mp4 )

hey shizo redpilloid, you are talking to ME

I'm not the only one incel here

>I kinda think you are much much much smarter than the other guy, who keeps referring to some pipedream hypothetical socialism as if it's a reality.

because I am
man-slave by definition can't be smart

>He's fucking worthless and probably some faggot simp too.

kek, you're both simps

>I can't understand how some young guy could be an incel.

maybe u should educated yourself on sexual selection simpoid, to not ask idiotic questions

>If I was 20 and not getting laid, I'd do literally everything in my power to fix that.

it's because you're a pathetic man-slave

u would literally eat shit if it got u pussy

>I would literally spend every waking hour either working or vectoring my activity toward meeting and seducing women.

imagine wasting every hour of your life on trying to please w*men

a definition of a man-slave

>I call you a narcissist because you tend not to listen to people with positive experience, to think you are great the way you are, etc.

no, it's because I REFUSE to be a man-slave groveling before w*men - that what pisses u off so much, because you're a man-slave yourself

a defeated slave without human dignity CANNOT STAND those who are in spirit free - it's a taboo thought that would make them rope IMMEDIATELY

>There are simple solutions to your problems with women

being a pathetic betabux is not a solution

>Moreover, listening to blackpill bullshit isn't actually helping you improve your life. So why listen to it at all.

because it's the truth
and the truth always helps

>Prostitution still happens in those places. But it keeps the women who engage in it in a legal grey area. They aren't celebrated as strong independent, women, blah blah blah.


w*men still control access to sex, celebrated or not



that w*man has more red flags than the red square at victory day.. and you STILL simp for her redpilloid.. lmao


Has your mom made your lunch yet?


File: 1682701914603.jpeg ( 51.08 KB , 1600x900 , smiling-giga-chad.jpeg )

on a somewhat related note, redpilloid man-slave betabuxes like yourself is EXACTLY why I don't have any grudges against Chad

Chad is cool, he is not insecure, he has not need to lash out at incels, he has no need to be aggressive, he is not an enforcer, a footsoldier, of the feminist order, he is just a beneficiary of it

angry insecure betas on the other hand.. they will try to tear us incels to pieces like a pack of butt ugly hyenas.. they will fucking die defending this feminist order..

my comparison to slavery is not just a literary exaggeration - a resigned slave needs to AGGRESSIVELY defend the ruling ideology of slavery


ur mom made it for me alright


>Chad is cool, he is not insecure, he has not need to lash out at incels, he has no need to be aggressive
or in one word: Chad doesn't have to tryhard, it all comes natural to Him

betas, on the other hand, tryhard their whole fucking life
hence all the aggression


File: 1682707037617.jpeg ( 102.85 KB , 807x534 , you don't just monopolize….jpeg )

Also Chad is really based for pumping and dumping w*men. They want Him, but they just can't have Him, even in their feminoid utopia lol.

If I were Chad - I would've done the same. If incels don't deserve intimacy - w*men don't deserve Chad either. You're not entitled to anything, yada-yada.


File: 1682709126105.jpg ( 93.11 KB , 680x672 , chad-patrick-bateman.jpg )

>They want Him, but they just can't have Him, even in their feminoid utopia lol.
tho this feminoid state does everything in its powers to try and submit Chad to the w*man's will - the whole judicial system is there to trap Chad for w*men

but they just CAN'T
Chad keeps escaping them, every time flying away free like a bird

that's also why Chad is a symbol of freedom for me - men actually CAN BE FREE, even when facing a feminist totalitarian state


>Gets left on read
>Keeps texting


File: 1682829852148.jpg ( 226.64 KB , 1246x1026 , 20230412_093415.jpg )

>All the seething this post caused.
This is how you know Normans know incels are right and that they're alone because of society.
If they really believed incels were alone because they are bad people, they would be happy that they're leaving the country to find a partner elsewhere.


Except what they expect of men is perfectly reasonable. Hold a job, help with children, and be emotionally available. Not be in the top 20% of men with LMS (Looks, Money, Status).


>A bunch of weird Tate-esque platitudes.
Unspook yourself post haste.


File: 1682830443340.jpg ( 20.15 KB , 337x368 , 20230327_184047.jpg )

>Talk about subject in OP
>Why are you talking about OP instead of doing something about it this very minute.
You must be 18 years or older to post on leftychan.net


File: 1682864573870.jpeg ( 24.67 KB , 474x355 , Based Eren Yeager's andro….jpeg )

unspook your asshole, soyboyid

Tate is a redpilloid grifter, he is closer to your lot than to us blackpillers

we don't buy courses n shit, because we know - there are no courses for your chin and height, for your BONES

the only "course" we can sell u - is to seek advice of a qualified plastic surgeon

As more beta normoids get further and further incelized, they gravitate more and more towards the blackpill
and the grifters see it, there is money to be made here - all u need to do is to tell some half-truths, to dilute the blackpill, provide some easy WAY OUT

and that's exactly where redpilloid courses come in, that's where selling of facial ratings comes in

So don't even delude yourself soyboyid, from the high vantage point of the blackpill, betabuxes and Tates, idpolled soyboyids and wannabe-masculine redpilloids - they are all the same man-slaves.

That's why it is so hilarious seeing you rabble fight for who the biggest simp is lol!


>I'm physically, genetically, and spiritually inferior
This is true. kys and do the world a favor


File: 1682870618714.jpg ( 395.19 KB , 2048x1024 , ER in Sunrays.jpg )

>and why praise Elliot Rodger?
Also speaking about ER, I was re-reading "My Twisted World" not so long ago and it again struck me just how eloquently written it is, just how fucking beautiful it is, like a classic novel.

What could've possibly happened to the famed female personality detector? what could've made it to malfunction so bad?

ER had more personality than all of the normoids combined! Truly the brightest flame burns the fastest.

So don't be sad ER, death is the greatest equalizer.
In those moments as you ran over those couples with your BMW - they were finally no better than us incels.
Give it a couple of decades - nobody would remember that they even lived, that they were even born.

But people will still remember you and feel a rush of emotions as they read your manifesto..


File: 1682871697565-0.jpeg ( 78.78 KB , 800x600 , Irish_Elk.jpeg )

File: 1682871697565-1.jpg ( 66.71 KB , 1280x720 , peacock.jpg )

>I'm physically, genetically, and spiritually inferior
>This is true.
No, it is not.

To claim it is, is to be a man-slave who thinks that sexual selection by w*men - the ultimate judge of the genetic superiority.

It is to think that a fucking peacock is a supreme example of aerodynamics.


>I can't breed
>But trust me bro, I'm super successful in other areas of my life
>[Chokes back tears and calls you a slave]


File: 1682876133883.jpg ( 378.71 KB , 2048x2048 , 20230205_104657.jpg )

>No way could you be successful outside of sexual relationships. Western Women, the most shallow, classist, and materialistic women in the world, are the perfect arbitrators of character.
This is what crumbs of pussy does to a mf.


>I-i-im succ-successful.. r-r-roasties just don't like me
Sure buddy. Tell yourself whatever you need to


File: 1682876971846.jpg ( 265.74 KB , 911x1290 , Puberty_Academy.jpg )

I have something to live for beyond propagation of some amino-acid combinations.

Looking at all the NPCs around me, this alone makes me more superior already lol. Majority doesn't see any beauty in this world, hence they have no real drive to live as a person. Hence they are always so ready to die in some wars while femoids sit at home.

Aesthetics is the foundation of all Ethics. If there is no beauty in this world, no Aesthetics, then you just give up, lie down and die, and no survival instinct is capable of getting your ass up, no muh family mantras, no double helix.

Seeing this with my own eyes time and time again is what has convinced me.

People with an overwhelming death drive just can't be superior to me, who wants MORE life, no way in hell. No matter what this soyciety tells me.


File: 1682877764101.jpg ( 23.67 KB , 464x713 , DssWAkFWsAE6j2V.jpg )

>Aesthetics is the foundation of all Ethics
I agree


Some of the ugliest men in the world at billionaires.


>The most superficial women on earth couldn't possible be ignoring good men lacking LMS.
I kneel


why tf does that dude have no nipples


>contraceptive for men with no side effects invented
at least you found something to bitch about


SWERFs get the bullet


What is a SWERF?
Try to explain it without sounding ridiculous


File: 1683203650040.jpg ( 36.01 KB , 736x736 , swerve.jpg )

What is a SWERF?
That might be spelled wrong, the Swerve is the name that ancient greek atomists had for random particle motion in physics. (It's been roughly 1500 years since those texts were written so the interpretation is somewhat contested.)

The greek atomists say that all of reality is composed of the void (absolute nothingness) and atoms . With atoms they don't mean elements from the periodic table you might learned about in chemistry, they mean the smallest most fundamental and indivisible building blocks of matter.

The ideological mysticism enforcers on Wikipedia attached a "reductive" label to atomism, and you know when these people say "reductive" they mean "it's accurate but we don't like it", it's like one of the social discrediting mechanisms that mysterians use to attack you with when you cut through their bullshit.


feminists who support making sex work illegal

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