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How come people don't want to work hard?


People don't want to work for capitalist bosses, in the eyes of the capitalist bosses that becomes nobody wants to work in general, because obviously they can't imagine them selves being part of the motivation problem.

Marx thought that when class society was overcome, work would become live's prime want. This will be true to an extend non-alienated work can be extremely rewarding in a way that waging for porky can never be. But realistically there is work that is just dread-full regardless of the social relations.


this is the same retort as "kids these days have no respect for their elders".

And the irony is, just like the OP, every generation of greying senescent adults always seem to forget that they were in the scope of pathologising back in their heyday.


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If I owned a house and didn't have a mortgage I genuinely just wouldn't work. I would leech off state benefits for the rest of my life and make extra money where I could online.

There is nothing that thoroughly demoralises me more than spending 8 hours a day doing something I hate, somewhere I hate, with people I hate, just to make some prick even richer. It makes me want to tear my hair out.


Why would I work hard to make some asshole rich at a company that doesn't do anything for me or anyone I know? Also now I'm hyper aware that my taxes may be used to fund genocide in Palestine and other seriously fucked up shit, so that makes me wanna work even less.

You see the whole thing Marx was talking about when he was discussing alienation from one's own labour is basically because when you work for a corporation you don't really care about what you're producing: you just want to get paid your wage and get the fuck out. Your boss also doesn't care about what the company makes so long as it sells. So the thing you're doing doesn't matter, your work feels like it doesn't matter and at the end of the day you don't even get to take home what you created so I don't even understand how and why people keep putting up with this bullshit day to day.


You are a lying child who doesn't really understand how the world works yet. When you realize how empty it feels sitting around cooming and doing nothing all day every day you'll change you mind. I used to be exactly like this, but, after I started working I changed a lot. I like work, I like my job, but, it's not the work that is bad. It's how the work is done (or forced to be done; standing for 12 hours straight) and how long we have to do it. That is the real issue which a socialist society would have delt with because workers would not have to work as hard and as long, ideally, in a socialist society.


>I would leech off state benefits
And how pays the taxes? Being NEET is just oppressing the working class with extra steps.


Theyre not a lying child. Theyre a disgruntled manchild.

Also, proos for loving your work. Imo, school is more soul crushing than work.


The future of capitalism is 90% of the population living off government neetbux plus gig-work income supplementation.

>I'm hyper aware that my taxes may be used to fund genocide in Palestine
Most of that money goes to the weapons industry. They didn't have to slaughter the Palestinians. They used to just bribe politicians who fear-mongered to justify defense spending.

>no work: feel empty
>work: get exploited
damned if you do, damned if you don't
>the real issue: no socialist society


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Im actually about to finance a house but I work in a factory not an office like maggot. I also just bought a nice sports car, so…but keep telling yourself you're thismhiga chadfightingmthensystem behind your jizz covered keyboard, loser.


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flash forward


>proud of being a debt slave


>Ye…yeah well you're just a debt slave!

Whatever you say retard. It's called being financially responsible. My credit score is like 700.


yeah, uh huh. *SIP*

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