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Of course the board for work is dead


The topic is too niche, it should just be in /leftypol/


It's hard to complain about work without doxxing yourself


I don't think anyone cares about how many times I stepped in the burgerking foot lettuce


/posad/ is exactly what I'm into, but it's also really dead and unused. I think it would die on /leftypol/ too so I prefer it just being a dusty board of its own


I posted all the time and it gained enough traction to get made into a board initially, but, people stopped posting, so, I haven't posted on it in forever.

What kind of work do you guys do?
I don't see how just saying what your profession is will dox you.




>What kind of work do you guys do?
IT grunt. Soon to be automated by some ChatGPT shit.


Nah I think AI is super way over blown. The future never turns out how people envision it.


I at least hope it will destroy academia. No more homework and other retarded shit.

Just fucking close that paper wasting facility already! It makes my blood boil that I wasted time and money on that useless shit.

It's a rule of mine that I should spit in every education bureaucRAT's face that I come across.


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Shaw knew his shit.
Also not surprised that he was a fabianist.


Finally got work at a fucking deli brothers


Is it unionized ?


>any service industry job

UFCW does exist tho


It's in a big box store in America, of course it fucking isn't
I think there's only one state that recently made it illegal for your employer to force you to watch anti-union propaganda for a fucking hours

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