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Been trying to look into trades for antisocial drifters who dont have to tolerate the disgusting masses on a day to day basis
only positions i could find were
>night security
>truck driver
>night janitor
and thats it ideas are pretty tapped. have no prospects on any above posted positions. any anons know any trades that wont break your body?


A machinist or night-shift warehouse operative are good for solitary people. There'll always be demand for them too.


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thanks, kinda slept on this post. gonna see what it takes to become a machinist since warehouse work has been ass to me in my previous experiences


I got a job stacking shit on shelves at a grocery store and I'm actually surprised by how much I'm left alone. Maybe I'm something wrong and am gonna get fired soon


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anyone kno what is the easiest trade to learn? The trades are pretty memed up and watched some videos on how elevator technicians make bank. proceed to look up to profession's reqs and theres a news headline along the lines of "glut of elevator technicians leaves many seeking alternate employment". the only trade that i could think that isnt gonna physically wear you down is trucking, is there anything near that? i hate driving with amerigip fuckwits and have been at least five accidents i can think off the bat(3 rearends/2 sideswipes/havent driven in 2yrs), i can think of off the bat.
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