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Which one of you made this?


wtf that would be preddy gud for studying, pure silence


This is the shit that reminds me that working in a mill, or, a factory isn't so bad.


I agree. I would much rather do physical labor than work in some air conditioned office which leaves my bloodline physically/mentally stunted, a la OP pic related


Dont factories and mills have airconditioning nowadays?


It depends on the facility and where you are. The mill I work in has air-conditioning in the control rooms but outside on the floor, no. During summer it can get over 100 degrees easily in the floor.


Right? Exactly, you really do feel pretty accomplished working in a facility like that. I'd much rather do that than soy out at Amazon.


Freelance voice actors buy these sometimes so they can go over the top without disturbing the neighbors: Neat.
Honestly this just seems like a neat thing to keep around even with with the hellish context.


true that.

Alot of office jobs have the same toxic dynamics as middle/high school sociology.

As a kid, alot of childrens shows only shown office jobs as the default of adulthood amd that triggered some existential anxiety.

My prepubescent hunch about adult dynamics based on cartoonish portrayal of office jobs are somewhat validated years later.

At least with blue collar work, your work has practical effects on the real world.

You can survive on such work.

Office jobs are just pushing pencils amd throwing around papers to feel busy and having to dress formally all the time and dealing with unwanted romantic effects.

Yet our modern education system tells the youth that this is what they should aspire for.

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