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Why the fuck do we have a society that has rationalized and normalized the idea of working grave yard shifts? Literally no human on earth is biologically designed for this shit.

It doesn't make any damn sense what so ever.


I like it, I guess if youre a socialite it's bad because most things are happening during the day or around midnight.


uygha I need sleep


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>I like it


Thought there was a study done to show that early humans actually slept periodically? like a few hours throughout the day and night


Yeah that's true but that doesn't mean it's better. Also Humans have a 22 to 26 hour circadian rhythm, and supposedly that mismatch with the 24 h earthday fucks with sleep and also health, so maybe in the future people will get a circadian pacemaker.


Our biology is fine with night time, it's the whole rest of society that's designed as if no one has to sleep during the day and do shit at night. Hell, I prefer night shift, the sun gives me a headache.


yeah science disagrees w you


Gonna need evidence for that, since all I've read says people operate on different sleeping patterns. Humans wouldn't have made it if all the members of hunter gatherer bands had slept simultaneously. But if you've got literally any evidence for that claim I'm willing to check it out.


Just sleep during your shift after everyone leaves lmao


I work on an assembly line.


The answer is literally in Capital Volumn 1. Any time that the means of production are not actively being used they are losing value. Thus, it behooves the ruling class to keep them producing as close to constantly as possible. When extending workers hours stopped being practical, shift work become a necessity.


>Our biology is fine with night time
>the sun gives me a headache



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