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How do young people even move out of their parents now? I'm nearly 18 years old with zero plans to go to college and I don't have my driver's license. I live in California so rent will cost an arm and a leg. My dad bought a house in this hellhole and he's expecting me to work and help him pay the mortgage if I want to live to live here. I don't want to live in this hot as fuck place, if you know California as it is now it's getting hotter every year and the fires get worse and worse. What I really want is a place to start fresh in another state, but rent is going to be costly as fuck in every city in this country.


I got completely lucky. Me and my mom grew up on section 8 and if I wouldn't have had friends who literally gave me a roof over my head I'd be fucked. They helped me get back on my feet and I'm not even that well off I'm living in a camper with no heat rn.


American brothers, why are you like this? I lived at home until I was 31. I saved a lot of money and bought a house. When my parents are old, I will not shove them in a nursing home. They will live with me. How can family do this? I'm not saying not to help out, but that is the strangest thing about this country.


Because Americans way over value individualism and their work ethic. Living with parents past 18 is seen as a failure


I don't have a problem with living with my parents past 18 and I do dislike the asshole good for nothing parents who kick their kids out at 18 for zero reason. I have never had any good friends my life has been boring, I feel like wandering off somewhere to live like an adult. The house we live now is kinda rural with shitty internet and zero neighbors, I am thinking about my future. In 10 or 20 years where will I be? I'll be living in an increasingly on fire and hotter area, maybe in 50 years it'll be a desert or the water will all run out. I have not lived a fucked up life so far, I never had a friend get run over and I never got molested by my father or uncle. I feel aimless.


Work. Save money for a couple months rent. Find a place with roommates. And get a driver's license. You don't live in Europe, so it's necessary.

Personally, I moved out of my parents house within a month after turning 17. The lack of drive toward independence of zoomers is odd and lame.


>The lack of drive toward independence of zoomers is odd and lame
Independence doesn't seem that cool when rent and college costs tons of money, oh and the planet is dying. Don't forget boomers destroyed the lives of millions of zoomers just so they could live a few more years, when everything shut down. Now zoomers will inherit a dying and more violent earth.



You forgot to add that boomers retirement funds are dependent on increasingly high prices in the housing market.

That said, I still don't understand the mentality of wanted to be dependent on your parents. It's better than being homeless, but by how much?

The planet will be fine anon. It will be here long after we're gone.


Most people who live with their parents aren't dependent on them, you will get ahead much faster and cheaper in life if you save tons of money by living with your old folks until your 20's or 30's in today's America. The Earth has been rotten for a long time, we've just been eating the carcass soon even the carcass will be gone and there won't be much left to chew.


Very Poetic, Anon.


The extended family as an economic unit is making an unwelcome comeback.


by having sex with other peoples parents duh


I know a couple people who unironically live this way.


Rent reviving polyamory is some hilarious late capitalism shit. Hmm, would I be willing to repurpose my man cave into a flat for a tenant who would pay her way with sex and cleaning? Nah, I really like that cave.


>The lack of drive toward independence of zoomers is odd and lame.

Millennuals truly have cultural blindness.

Lets not forget that Boomers said the same about you guys.

Also your post reads like an out of touch idealist boomer.


this is why people shouldnt be allowed to have kids. Economic prospects are at an all time low.

Most proles dont have a trade or business to pass off onto their kids.


People in third world countries live in mud walled huts, have plenty of kids, and do just find.

You're a victim of comparison anxiety and media fueled expectations more than anything else.

But I agree that your parents should have gotten an abortion. Would have been one less whiny faggot in the world


>>319why dont you move to third world then?

Alot of those ciuntries, kids die early and are sold off to sex trafficking.


>woke millennial try not to parrot patronizing canard challenge


>"the world doesmt owe you anything. who cares if youre born into shanty yown overrun wth feces and your mom is a sex slave?"

I bet you probably dont actually encounter much suffering nor do you have nuch empathetic affect for worldly affairs.


File: 1699310634373.png ( 511.8 KB , 660x600 , 1698611096737.png )



You probably don't leave your suburb or collective house in a gentrifying neighborhood, and your 'concern for worldly affairs' is a fake and ghey overcompensation to soothe your moral anxiety.


you probably live in suburbs anyway and your "toughness" is just overcomoemsation for lack of mutual concern.

Alot of people like you I emcounter in the suburbs or "ghettos".

Yall dont care because you dont have to live in it.


And you do, white boi?


Actually, upon second reading, your comment was nonsensical. Perhaps you aren't white, or maybe are from the Balkans or st


tbh this is the black ad white petulance logic alot of adults have concerning kids.

They think kids dont deserve mutual respect nor autonomy.

They complain aboutkids "leecging off their psrents" (aka having fun without having to work).
But they forget that kids dont have any legal rights. They cannot buy anything for themselves or negotiate contracts for themselves.

They are not allowed to go anywhere by themselves except school.

Imo, childhood is incarceration.

By right, adulthood begins at ouberty but our dumbass Victorian forefathers thought that childhood needs to last as long as your youth.

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