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freaks and weirdos there’s girls that go to them too.


Has she killed herself yet?


Who tf is this and why should of care?


She's the daughter of some Wall Street banker who did a now-infamous facial abuse scene a week after she turned 18 as some retarded act of rebellion against her father. She realized her fuck up shortly after and got her dad to pay thousands of dollars to try and scrub the video from the internet, he even bought the rights to the scene from the porn studio iirc.
It will not suprise you to learn that he did not manage to erase the video from the internet.

I think her porn name was MayLi, and irl name is Kelly Wang.


Good taste OP, this might be in the same spirit as this thread >>148427


Best example of daddy issues.


Fathers are too lenient with daughters.

moms are more egalitarian in disciplining children.

Moms dont care if youre Elephant Man or Aphrodite.
If yoy came out of her womb and you misbehave, your ass is grass.

Fathers have shallow cartoonish sense of parental moraity.

They treat their kids based on gender and looks.
Boys whom arent athletic or aggressive or prominent are treated as defective males.

Boys in general are seen as dumbass goofball buddies to be poked and prodded for amusement.

Girls are worshipped as profound muses just for their dainty looks and fashion.

Moms may have lookism bias as well but they still try to treat kids wuth equal respect to their peers.


I wish your dad beat your faggot ass more. maybe then we wouldn't have to suffer your autism


>ew cope

Maybe you should talk like that in real life more often. Stop hiding in imageboards spouting this nonsense.

Soumds like youre compensating for something.

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