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What makes someone a nazbol or "reactionary leftist"?


Nothing, they are just a plain reactionary, there's nothing "leftist" about them.


the idea that nazbols are nazis is wrong. They started out as straightforward MLs who liked the soviet system, but they were only joined by neonazis in the 2000s


>the idea that national socialists are national socialists is wrong.
Nah fuck off.


From my understanding the OG Nazbols were kinda woke and openly gay (the party had a lot of variety but the fact that they had no problem including the gays was telling), also they were seen as dissidents by the government and persecuted by it.

Contemporary Nazbolism is cucked and basically "equality for me but not for thee", right now there's a lame "worker's party" in Spain infested with terfs (terfs have always associated with literal nazis) and putting bizarre transphobic leaflets, absolute insanity


> they are not nazis because… umm, they have only been nazis since the 2000s!
what the fuck are you trying to say


Behold the power of /edu/


Anyone who uses a political compass test unironically is either a fascist or as dumb as one.

>liked the soviet system
>were only joined by neonazis in the 2000s
I wonder why nazis like a system whose nationalist, workerist, genocide denying fervor is often compared to nazis




Not an argument.


They don't. They think Soviet system is "Jewish" and they were the first to accuse Soviets of killing 100 billion. They just like the aesthetics and symbols of Nazbolism.




a reactionary is one who seeks to defend the system. their reaction is one of picking up arms in the name of capitalism. "left reactionaries," are those who have a veneer of do gooder, but where the rubber meets the road, you see their ideology is just a defense of capitalism. (except with black/gay CEOs for example) so when some 23 year old freshly minted critical theory person comes on the scene and obfuscates class consciousness by directing rage towards selected outgroups, they are in practice, a reactionary leftist. in their mind, they are "on the right side of history," but when you go to the root of their beliefs, they still want to preserve hierarchy, and still enable some rich fucks to control millions of people's lives, because their analysis ends at the thin veneer of "see i said the good thing on social media."

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