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We should make a general history guide for an overview on leftists history movements/people/thinkers that type of thing

There's a lot to cover so we should just stick with what would make the best overview


There was a particular book(s) / encyclopaedia(s) on world history used in Soviet schools during the USSR that Ismail has used to show what the “Socialist view” on certain historical events commonly were I may ask him on his own site what the book(s) were called and posts link here


That would be amazing thanks


Bumping this again


Glad someone initiated this, I agree 100%.
I recently came to the realization that I was (at the time he asked for intro stuff on socialism) only able to give hard, scientific socialist theory; nothing in terms of historical summaries, [b]contextualization[/b] (which is incredibly important to, say, get the context and importance of Capital, or the October revolution (instead of just giving him State and Revolution for him to associate purely with anti-communist propaganda within hegemonic culture).
Historical overviews/summaries, simplifications – [b]FROM NON-BOURGEOIS SOURCES[/b] is incredibly important for us to be able to collaboratively procure, and this thread would be the place for it I think.


talking about an "apolitical" Gamer™ centrist that I know that finally was willing to consider the socialist POV after years of me arguing against:
the employer/employee relationship, social alienation, the culture industry / the spectacle / entertainment loaded with bourgeois values
and all of this usually doesn't register, he calls it 'too abstract and rational' (he's a very emotional person).
His metaphysics is very individually reductive and he 'likes psychology more than other social sciences' and this has ended up being quite a difficult terrain for me in comparison to conversing with others who are more socially aware (and have more close associates).
Could anyone give a tip on some literature on how to BTFO (in a non-complicated way):
idealism, apoliticism/centrism/welfare capitalism and full-time immersive entertainment-escapism (a solipsistic silo from struggle) it'd be very helpful.
I've personally only engaged with communist lit for the purpose of bracing for revolution and lack the pedagogic perspective.






I do not speak with Dengists.


>guy interested in psychology
Try introducing him to Mark Fisher


File: 1608528121462.pdf ( 336.88 KB , marxisms.pdf )

Here you go.


you guys gotta read Hobsbawm. his whole Age Of series has been indispensable to me

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