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How should I go around teaching a kid a new language?


Teach them how to read in the target language. (i.e. In English you would teach them phonics)
Get a lot of books in the language you want them to learn. The idea is to have "comprehensible input", i.e. content that is relatively easy for them to understand but occasionally has unfamiliar volcabulary and grammar that is easy to pick up from the context.
The important thing here is that the kid must FREELY CHOOSE the things they get to read and the material needs to be at a suitable level for them to read it. If they have to look up every other word in a dictionary, that will kill all motivation.

See the first third of this interview with Stephen Krashen for more info about "second language acquisition" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0WfMgH_qPs

Krashen posts all his work at his website too: http://www.sdkrashen.com/


In case you don't want to watch the video, I took some notes. I recommend watching the video anyway since Krashen is an entertaining guy.

The brain is bad at conscious learning, but good at language acquisition (Dr. Krashen says this is "understanding" language completely involuntary). Language acquisition requires: comprehensible input, interesting (downright compelling) content to consume. Dr. Krashen says the ability to SPEAK is the result of the comprehension of the language. Writing[1] and speaking by themselves do not have large impacts. Minor error correction does not have large impacts.
Conduit hypothesis - Universal stages of language acquisition. Stage 1: Stories (fiction). Stage 2: self-selected reading for pleasure with increasing difficulty
Start with stories, they give us everything and lead to READING. Hop if there's anything you don't like. Begin with a somewhat long period of EXTREMELY EASY STORIES (use US foreign service tiers to determine how long you should do it, maybe up to 3 years…). Graded readers are excellent for language acquisition. Forget tests/quizzes/questions/interaction/volcab memorization… Just read/tell another story, that probably leads to better results (volcab, test scores, etc).
Reading is the most important thing. As long as you pick what you read it'll be good. But reading fiction is more effective (for whatever reason). Spaced repetition/exposure will keep up your knowledge of that language even if you never use it in daily life.
Writing, on its own, is extremely derivative of what you READ. REVISING what you've written is the way to get smart.


Sorry for the delay, thanks a lot for this material.




the best way to taech a kid a language is to speak it around them at home


Thanks comrade. i am a esl kindergarten teacher and i really really need theory. My school has me essentially coming up with my own cirriculum.

Is there any resources you could point me to on education theory ideally around:
Kindergarten and child development
english as a second language.

I am fucking drowning here so literally anything you can send me helps enormously


Also anything to do with cirriculum creation. I'm reading a book called "how we learn" which is pretty obvious what its about, but it's taught me about spacing and the study test study cycle and what spacing tests are best at retaining knowledge at.

My problem has been that i don't really know what areas of speech i should focus on. Should i teach them verbs and create stories around that that incorporates the target language? should i teach them common sentences? "how old are you? how are you?" etc I don't know if i'm actually teaching the kids anything. I mean i see them pick up some shit but i dunno mang.
sorry babbling. but yeah, i could really use some help


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