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How do you take your notes? Do you take notes? Use this thread to discuss methods, tips, and anything else related to how you take notes.


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I like to take notes, it helps me focus.

Back in university, during lectures I would always take notes, in part to avoid falling asleep. Pen and paper, a separate notebook for each course. I rarely actually studied from them, though. But I did use them to look up things from previous years, and I sometimes still do.

When reading books, I like to "outline" the book. How detailed the outline is depends on the book. Places that feel more important are also annotated with page numbers to help finding them again. If I read on the computer I take notes on the computer, otherwise I use pen and paper. Once I finish, I write a short "review" about the book, what it was about and my impression of it, but nothing too detailed. There were books that I really liked where I also wrote summaries of the chapters or concepts, etc., but that's usually too much work and I am lazy.


I usually just write in the book.
But if it's taking notes that is not about a book, I just write it in the note book. My notes is in very simple language, almost Newspeak-like.


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Notes are extremely important to learning imo. I annotate when I read and I take notes during lectures. Pics related is a few examples of how I annotate and take notes.


I usually take notes in the language the material being studied is in.


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I mark up the text and scribble in the margins of physical books. If something is particularly poignant, it gets pharaphrased onto a 3x5 index card w/ a citation. Afterwards I organize the cards by theme and digitize them.

For digital books I copy/paste the relevant sections to a new note, bold the important bits, and type a few thoughts. These notes are then tagged with the relevant subjects and are fully searchable (which is the most important/useful thing about digital notes.)


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Anyone with ADHD who can recommend something? I can't afford physical books and I haven't found any system for taking notes digitally that works for me.


I'm currently studying a language and in my country there is a news channel that speaks this language, what should I be taking notes on while watching? I have really bad judgement I feel like writing down every single thing even though I know it's not feasible.

Communication isn't note taking, but talking to someone about what you've learned is really good for retaining information. Talk to people irl btw it's better

Lucid dreaming isn't really note taking either, but it can help to retain information so I think it belongs here. Basically for those of us who lucid dream spend some time reflecting on what you had learned, maybe even summon it so you can see and feel it. It's a dream so the possibilities for immersion are endless

I am not diagnosed, but I suspect I have ADHD so I think I understand.
Libraries are a good source of free books and if you must use e books you can always write down notes physically.


I have pretty severe ADHD. Taking notes digitally does not work for me at all. I get very easily distracted on the computer. Can you afford paper and pens?

My notes are >>476
The most important thing for my note taking strategy as it relates to ADHD is to have other things to focus on in regards to notes besides just the content. If I just write down the content it ends up as an incomprehensible mess. I focus on making the notes as nice looking as possible and put the content second, and that seems to work.


>I get very easily distracted on the computer.
yep that shit happens. even browsing the bunker, I'm opening up another tab on reflex every 5 minutes. I do have physical notebooks to write in. I never considered making it look nice, to me that always seemed counterproductive, like giving into distraction, plus i'm just not an artistic or creative person at all.


but also I don't know how taking physical notes about books I'm reading on-screen digitally would function.


Note page 19 second paragraph
Here money is claims "blah blah blah" however blah blah blah

Imitating how Marx took notes
Might also be useful here


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I have to take notes to make sure that I'm paying attention, and write them down, because it's slower, and more deliberate so I feel like I retain more when I do that. E-documents are too easy to lose. I've always been worried about losing notes, or not being able to review them later, so I try to write as legibly and clearly with no abbreviations or shortenings when I can avoid it, plus I think focusing on clearness and legibility helps me keep taking notes like >>539 said. Since I'm stuck mostly with e-books and I abhor writing in the books themselves, I write in a three-ring binder, so I can move and remove pages if I need to. If something seems like I need to remember it, I'll quote it, and write any clarifying notes or connective material in a way that it's clearly differentiated from the quote. Also if it's a PDF I have I'll highlight and annotate that, then save a copy.


You could try https://getpolarized.io/ though I haven't used it personally.


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What do my anons think of the "zettelkasten" method? As far as I understand it is like creating your own encyclopedia:


>I have to take notes to make sure that I'm paying attention, and write them down, because it's slower, and more deliberate so I feel like I retain more when I do that.
It's not just a feeling comrade, research suggests the effect you're talking about in regards to handwriting and memory retention is real

Iirc it also aids comprehension


It wants me to sign in to read
Could we get a copypasta plz?


>the writing cooperative
Paywalled clickbait for freelancers. I've wasted time reading several of their articles. I guess I'm about to read one more. This better be good anon.


It's because medium paywalls their featured content. When you put stories up you can click a box which means they can't do that–I don't know why anyone wouldn't since I don't think they even pay their writers.


…hmmm this actually seeems like an interesting method. Maybe I will have to try this. I already take good notes I think >>476 but in terms of actually having a system for keeping them organized and drawing connections there is some room for improvement.

Going to keep reading.


>Imagine you ask a duck a question and it answers “quack”. You then ask the duck another question, and it answers “quack” again. You ask it questions over and over, and that silly duck just keeps answering “quack”. You’d quickly realize that you’re not communicating. There’s no surprise ever. The duck is not conveying any information. It’s just saying “quack”. It just isn’t a smart conversation partner.

>Now compare that to a mature Zettelkasten, which contains thousands and thousands of ideas.



I think it's basically like making a wiki for yourself. Except all the pages explicitly show what links to it. If anyone's interested in trying it but doesn't want to use analog tools I suggest https://tiddlywiki.com/ free local software instead of a service you have to sign up for.


Why not just write an HTML file from scratch? Has all the same functionality doesn't it? That way you look at it from your browser without being connected to the internet, and if you want to be able to access it from multiple machines you can just upload it to github.

Same concept, less interfaces to deal with thus… less hassle.


So i've refined my thoughts on how best to do this further. If it succeeds digitally at all, the model should not be wikipedia, I think that's too formal and thorough for like on the fly note taking. Rather, the model should be something like TVTropes https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DisturbedDoves which regardless of how you feel about it as a site, is a much better method of seeing the links between ideas and having just short notes on each link.


So imagine you're doing like tvtropes but for your own ideas. I guess it'd work for analog notetaking too.


Interesting. I am devoting today to using the analog version of this method to organize my notes on the political theory I am trying to develop (not exactly new, more of a return to a scientific approach to revolutionary theory but updated in lights of developments in science in general). Analog note taking works a lot better for me in general but I might try to digitize it at some point.

The system of linking things together I am doing through a numbered system, so it's a lot less like a wiki and a lot more like an imageboard…




Damn this has been a rabbit hole. Thank you for posting this OP! I did not know about Luhmann and both his method and his work are very interesting and relevant to what I have been working on!

See attached PDF if you feel like having your mind blown. Kinda dense reading, but worth it imo.


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File: 1608528007534-1.jpg ( 1.29 MB , 2576x1932 , 20200412_190153.jpg )

Okay so I am doing an in depth study of Anti-Duhring rn with an eye towards how it could be updated in light of developments in science and I am trying to combine these two note taking methods in a way.

I have set up the beginnings of a zattelkasten and I have devised a system of indexing my notes. Each sheet of paper in the box is assigned a number, starting at one and counting up in simple chronological order. The numbers are used to link together notes in the same way we link to posts on imageboards. I have three categories of pages so far:

Indexes, which assign certain categories to a list of other pages. They are just sets of labels with the corresponding numbers.

So for example I have an Marx-Engels Index, a Lenin Index, a History index, a systems theory index, a mathematics index, and multiple index-indices.

The second category is concepts and definitions which which is kinda self explanatory.

The third is notes and annotations where I am putting detailed notes for each paragraph of whatever I am reading. I will probably have a forth category for drawing connections between different texts or maybe just a general category that allows for any format so I can draw whatever kind of connections I want between any two pieces of paper.

This is more categories than are in Luhmann's method, but I think this is necessary if I want to include detailed paragraph by paragraph notes like Marx does in his manuscripts. It's a rather slow process but I kinda like it so far. I will post updates as I build my zettelkasten.


File: 1608528007734.png ( 172.36 KB , 1920x1080 , zettel.png )



I don't really get what they mean by communication. Is it just following the links?


Yeah, which means remembering thoughts you had which you forgot, so kinda like having a conversation. Really it's a glorified filing cabinet or database but the idea of having one place where you store all your notes for a lifetime with a system for easily getting at whatever you want to get at is very appealing to me. Kinda like adding extra memory to your brain.

As I come across certain references to terms I think are interesting I'm starting a new sheet for that term that is just a list of links to all the places it's referenced categorized by author. That way if someone asks "what did Marx and Engels" think about Medieval Burgher's I can pull out my page on Medieval Burghers and have a list of all the places that Marx and Engel's referenced them, along with any places that other authors I've read might have referenced them.


Anyone here use the Cornell method?
I got inspired by this thread and tried looking up studying techniques and came across it.
I'm guessing it's popular in the 'States considering the name (prominent American university) but I was both a 'liberal arts' student and was never taught how to take notes, so this is new to me.

I immediately like this one better than the 'Zettelkasten' method since I don't have to lug around shoeboxes wherever I go to collect my thoughts.
Plus, I'll probably get kicked out of my home soon if our current spate of disaster capitalism keeps up any longer, which it will.




cute girl, i like it better already


Yeah if you're taking notes for a class I don't think the Zettelkasten method is really what you're looking for. It's more meant to be an overall knowledge management system.

Cornell method is decent. It's really not so important to follow one particular method as it is write things out in a way that isn't too rushed, is easy to understand later, and is in your own words (so that you actually have to understand it).


I don't really see the point of having designated places for keywords and summaries.


Search time optimization.



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