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Any parents here? Please recommend books for 7-14yo kids that aren't lib shit (i.e. most of the Amazon top and NYT bestsellers).

Not explicitly leftist, just some fiction and non-fiction that isn't based in liberal worldview like picrelated.


idk 14 yos tend to be naturally good at deconstructing bullshits lurking behind fairy tales


Earthsea, and anything else by Ursula K. LeGuin.


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I read Jan Guillou's series The Templar Knight when I was a young teen, still the best historical fiction I ever read.
The author is also a commie.
From his wiki
>Immediately following the September 11 attacks, Guillou caused controversy when he walked out of the Göteborg Book Fair in the midst of the three minutes of silence observed throughout Europe to honour the victims of the attacks. In an article in Aftonbladet, Guillou argued that the event was an act of hypocrisy, stating that "the U.S. is the great mass murderer of our time. The wars against Vietnam and its nearby countries alone claimed four million lives. Without a minute of silence in Sweden". He also criticised those who said that the attacks were "an attack on us all" by stating that the attacks were only "an attack on U.S. imperialism


extremely based


An unexpected subject for somebody so based


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His series The Great Century is far more political and contemporary, though The Templar Knight is certainly not devoid of politics.


asimov books
pratchett books


bump for interest
Let's get some more books that are at the board's average reading level.


Red rising is a fun young adult novel. I enjoyed it. More for the 14 y/o. It has drinking, sex, and violence. It's kind of lefty as well. It's about a guy that rebels basically.

When I was younger I was recommended the Golden Compass series and Artemis Foul. I was (and still am to a degree) not good at reading, so I didn't actually read them. The Golden Compass is the "atheist response" to book of narnia. I actually did read the book of narnia, which is christian bullshit, but I liked it nonetheless.

The Giver and Life of Pi are bullshit. Pure ideological garbage. It was obvious when I was young, I think I might die if I were forced to read them again.


The Hobbit is a classic children's book.


IMO, ideological content doesn't matter that much for children. The problem with libs isn't that they read Harry Potter as kids, it's that they never moved on from it even as they grew up. I think you should focus on giving them books that would challenge them (but only slightly) in terms of vocabulary, style and content. Classic adventure fiction, or smarter but still accessible sci-fi and fantasy that isn't just D&D campaigns. I'd skip YA altogether.
At 13-14yo I'd have my kids reading PKD, Vonnegut and Joseph Heller. Stuff that's a) a good medium between popular fiction and "serious" fiction and b) not outright leftist, but subversive (anti-war, anti-authority, etc).


>Life of Pi
Please tell me more about it, anon.


kids that age should be reading dystopian fiction and pulp fiction i.e. Huxley, Orwell, Sherlock Holmes, HP Lovecraft


seconding Isaac Asimov


You could watch the movie. It's dazzling trash.
I'll tl;dr:

First part of the story is Pi being all "omg, does god exist, does it not????" meeting with absolute retards to discuss this matter. A big revealing moment is when Pi goes to the zoo and sees "the worlds most dangerous animal", and it's a mirror, ie humans.

Second part of the book, Pi has a fantastic journey stranded in the Ocean with animals. There's a lion too. The lion is dangerous and eats animals Pi likes.

Third part of the book: Pi is rescued and it is revealed that the animals were actually humans, but Pi needed to COPE and made them animals. The description of what actually went down is extremely vulgar and disgusting.

The final kicker and "ah-ha!" insight moment is when the audience is asked if they prefer the better story (the one with animals and the lion in the middle of the ocean), or the real story (that the animals represented real humans, and the lion was a cook that was insane). The analogy is that "the better story" is pledging fealty to pedophiliac bloodthirsty reactionary religion while "the real story" is atheism, which we are supposed to think as viscerally disgusting (the worst animal is the human, and the insane cannibalistic cook's actions are basically atheism).

When I read it in highscool, there were a bunch of people who said they preferred "the better story". I was a staunch atheist back then. I saw that as an extremely grotesque acceptance that their belief in religion is literally COPE because they would rather not believe in "the real story". For a moment, I was considering the possibility that the book was written by an atheist to expose the religious as retards through 1D chess. But after a lot of classmates chose "the better story" and after analysis I realized it was filled with retarded arguments "supporting" atheism in the first part, I realized it was a retarded COPE of the highest caliber. I was an idiot back then, I can only imagine what other bullshit I'd find if I read it today.


>First part of the story is Pi being all "omg, does god exist, does it not????"
His final conclusion about this was some nonsense about simultaneously following Hinduism Islam and Christianity.


For nonfiction there is Talking to My Daughter About the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis. Good read for teens about, well, the economy.

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