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how big is the skill gap between genre fiction and literary fiction? are there genre fiction writers who are equally as good as literary fiction authors?


Generally speaking genre fiction writers are more skilled


Why would there be a skill gap? Lit fiction is not better because it's better crafted but because genre fiction always looks retarded next to it.


is there genre fiction that’s as well written then?


Theres genre fiction that straddles the line and is about as good as the lower ends of literay fiction. You will normally find in the afterword or whatever it is called in the particular book that the author struggled to get it published because genre fiction publishers actively dislike publishing better written books. There is an incentive in writing genre fiction to not make it as well written as literary fiction.


Whats the difference? Asking as a brainlet


Literary Fiction is designed to be more inventive in its style and use of language and maybe use a lot more big literary words, Genre fiction is more like lowest common denominator stuff like generic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romance.


What about Tolkien and other sci-fi giants like Herbert, Asimov, Arthur Clarke, or William Gibson? I wouldn't consider them lowest common denominator, and they seem pretty well respected.


Yes but it's still genre fiction in the end
Genre implies that something is expected, the most concise example of this is comedy, when you go to something that is supposed to be a comedy you expect it to be funny but what's funny changes according to culture and era but the genre label of comedy persists because that's the label for this specific thing.
Literary fiction is a recent term to hold all fiction that doesn't really fall into a genre but most people that go for it expects it to be fiction written for art's sake.
You can have sci fi that is well written and really deep but in the end it's still sci fi and your attempt to make it more literary will only alienate either audience.


Genre follows a given formula, which tends to make it less intellectual. There is, however, an art to the crafting of even formulaic works, the formula itself being an artistic subject. Genre writers have, on occasion, developed literary devices that later writers have found useful like Ian Fleming's "Fleming Sweep" or Elmore Leonard's rule: "If it looks like writing, I rewrite it." Elmore Leonard in particular was often refered to as the genre writer who serious writers take seriously.

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