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You've heard this argument time and time again that there has never been a successful socialist country, so I thought it would be nice to have a thread talking about successful socialist countries.

Post history, share sources, let's make a list!


issue with this is capitalists will change the definition of succeses constantly


I think it's important to know in what aspects these socialist examples where successful. Because if they want X, you can just point to a socialist country who had that. My father for example believed socialist countries are always economically weaker until I pointed out the Catalonia in the 1930s had greater yields compared to prior.


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are worker's co-ops socialism? no but I still think their neat so here are some sources

Coops are effective, but cannot in themselves facilitate a transition to socialism’
Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, the world’s largest coop, has restructured to move its practices more in line with those of a traditional privately-owned corporation of a similar size.
Coops have been shown multilaterally to be more resilient and less likely to fail than traditionally-operated businesses, but coops also face unique barriers to entry which might be mitigated through the transformation of existing enterprises into worker’s coops.
Excellent article which highlights the value and challenges of coops.
Cute lil explanation of cooperatives
Massive Norwegian cooperative, 1.3 million members over 117 local branches.
Different types of coops - ‘Worker Coop’ is our interest
Massive Norwegian cooperative building association - 435,000 members
Excellent Richard Wolff write-up on worker coops.
Another Richard Wolff article, discussing social, political and economic barriers to forming workers’ coops.
Economic analysis of capitalist firms vs worker cooperatives in Uruguay from 1996-2005
Concludes that increases in profit correspond to increases in wages for both capitalist firms and workers cooperatives, though much more so for coops.
Concludes that employment in coops is more resistant to price shocks
Concludes that employment has a negative correlation with wages for capitalist firms and a positive correlation with wages in worker coops
Complex study, warrants more analysis
Cute think piece on the value of worker coops
Worker participation in management seems to increase technical efficiency.


Quality of Life Higher in Socialist Countries, Study Says (LA Times, 1986)


File: 1608527924747-0.jpg ( 89.56 KB , 702x820 , Cuba.jpg )

File: 1608527924747-1.jpg ( 196.8 KB , 950x1012 , cubaacheive.jpg )



Good stuff, I will read it all when I have the time for it


socialism straight up has not existed


Calling any socialist state “Success” or “a failure” is an odd choice of vocabulary when we are viewing socialism as the transitional phase between capitalism and communism
Really every socialist state that has existed and now ceases to exist can be viewed as a failure as their particular socialist experiment did not bring about communism
In the same vein socialist experiments still existing such as China Cuba DPRK Vietnam etc can be viewed as working success’s as they continue to lay the groundwork for socialism


By success, do you mean dictatorship of the proletariat or GDP or what?




I'm glad this meme is dead at this point


what a shit list


Especially since half of the people in this list would have killed the other half. Whoever made the list has a very inconsistent view of socialism.


File: 1608527958595.png ( 10.27 KB , 790x265 , 1.png )

This in particular is the most absurd part of the list


I feel like whoever made it has no interest in Chen Duxiu's political positions. they decided they needed to find a "based anti-authoritarian communist" just to throw Mao under the bus, so they just read a wikipedia article or something, learned Mao's early rival was Chen, said "sure sounds legit", and then inexplicably decided to misuse the Dengist phrase "socialism with chinese characteristics" to be extra confusing.


File: 1608528099634.jpg ( 1.64 MB , 1693x2547 , soviet-space-program-propa….jpg )



These pics are from the early 2010s. In those days "The USSR/China/DPRK wasn't real socialism" was unironically used a lot more by leftists online, so anticommunists would regularly spam the original "Only my specific form of socialism can work". Leftists at that time tried to counter that by making these lists even if it meant taking a bunch of people who had nothing to do with each other and throwing them all into the same bag. They're basically dead memes, I don't think I've actually seen anyone use them in years.


File: 1608528124558.png ( 686.51 KB , 2720x4172 , muh libcoms.png )

>This shit anit-uthoritarian meme again


go away radlib, this is /edu/


>Laying the groundwork
Barf. They clearly went off the rails to a fairly Nationalist State Capitalism.


Lmao you're not fooling anyone.

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