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/posadism/ general

Any posadist literature in english? I wanna see if there is any method to his madness or is it just shizo rambling.


File: 1621878045108.pdf (27.58 MB, 232x300, A.M. Gittlitz - I Want to ….pdf)

that's a pretty good book on posadism in general


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>>5812 (me)
there is also a revleft episode with the author.



Is there an epub of this?


General /ayyyylmao/ thread? Anyone have any suggestions for books on the trans-dimensional theories? I've read Valleé and liked it but this was years ago and he never really articulated a theory.


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File: 1621909814993-1.pdf (1.07 MB, 67x118, 1_THE REVOLUTIONARY STAT-4….pdf)

File: 1621909814993-2.pdf (420.76 KB, 232x300, Juan Posadas - Flying Sauc….pdf)



I just read an interview of this guy who wrote the book

I was going to search the book he wrote until i realized that I already downloaded it from this very thread lol


Here's an interview with Minazzoli one of his closest comrades. It is said he's the one Posadas got his ideas from or at least who introduced him to ufology
>Dante Minazzoli and Homero Cristalli founded the Grupo Cuarta Internacional (GCI) in the mid-1940s as a small circle of proletarian militants committed to Trotsky’s vision of establishing the Fourth International as a world revolutionary vanguard. At that point, Posadas was just a collective pen name, and since Cristalli was not much of a writer, Minazzoli likely wrote a lot of what was published under the name J. Posadas. In some ways, Minazzoli was as much Posadas as Posadas himself; although it was a speech by Posadas that became the famous UFO essay, its content was based on Minazzoli’s long-held extraterrestrial hypotheses.
He later wrote a book https://openlibrary.org/books/OL13000111M/Por_Que_Los_Extraterrestres_No_Toman_Contacto


Holy god what is this?


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Does any anons have the sauce for the logo/1st image? think someone posted the archive/link of the possibly deleted youtube channel somewhere
Pls Halp


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