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petite-bourgeois who must pay their way in thanks to public debt at the proletariat's expense. Proletarians, who have high autism score, get in for mostly for free in America. College is the only hope, otherwise the proletarian must work and die at backbreaking and subsistence wage construction, Mcdonald, or walmart.

The problem is all of these petite-bourgeois failsons speculate both in regards to their ability and the value of the degree, not that it is hard to access. These failures cannot get scholarships. Even under socialism, the petite-bourgeois will be price gouged by state monopoly to make way for the proletariat.


This has been studied a great deal, people who have extra ordinary high intelligence, rarely turn up in positions of academic prestige or high posts in organizations. The people with genius level brains mostly end up in relatively mundane professions. Maybe our present societies lacs the appropriate interface for highly intelligent brains or something.

You're out of your mind if you think we'd paywall knowledge or learning in socialism. Quite the opposite we'd pay people to learn shit or get skills.

Scholarships are not an excuse to exclude the masses from knowledge or learning. It doesn't count as empowering the proletariat unless it's available to the entire proletariat.


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Most of mankind's problems are solved only after leaving the confines of schooling


>Most of mankind's problems are solved only after
the proletariat takes over the reigns ?

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