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Pretty much the title. I decided to check what was "trending" on YT and the result was picrel. 99% of these songs are horrible musically and visually. The majority have bourgeois and extremely sexist lyrics. Why is this shit trending? Why isn't there the same backlash against the messages of popular music as there is against other media?


People like listening to music
Pop music


The yt algorithm in general is shit. Recently it has been recommending me absolute shit. I'm just mostly listen to proles.win now ha


Doja Cat is pretty good tho


Same reason all the mainstream television news channels have so many views, on a platform people literally use to get away from them.


>extremely online anon on fringe imageboard doesnt like mass market music
woah! what a shock!

of course music coming out of the most efficient sectors of the culture industry is not going to be appealing to the kind of people who post here, but the vast majority of people just dont have the time and energy to care. there is A LOT of backlash against "bourgeoise music", but youre obviously not gonna find that on the youtube trending tab lmao.


people don't have the time and were never given the promptings to dig deeper which takes effort and a certain savviness , sometimes idleness is a virtue but not everyone can 'afford' that.


youtube trending has always been trash that games the algorithm
it's the website's attempt to consolidate views on certain things because it's a lot more efficient for them to stream one video many times than many videos a few times


No one uses the trending tab so the AI is only trained on the 5 people that accidentally used it forgetting to go to their subs pane first. Most of it is probably ad slots to reduce the chances of the AI coughing up 'p.


The Trending tab is where YouTube puts its safe bets. A ton of people listen to music, so that piles up. I get the impression it's really trying to lean in to music now that Spotify has become a hellhole for free users.

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