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Are playlists actually a thing that's widely used? I just listen to whole albums.


I don't understand how people enjoy whole ass albums. I maybe like one or two songs from an album.

Singles and Best of compilantions 4 lyfe


You must be listening to shit artists.


No, I just good taste


Your life sounds miserable.


Listen to this album and tell me a single song on it isn't a banger


What the fuck is a mixtape


You are quite the little presumptous cunt


I'll tell you in 24 hours

The best type of music playlist


he's right. once I started listening to artists that are actually good I just listened to their albums. a good artist makes the playlist for you.


>Singles and Best of compilantions 4 lyfe
You know you can just delete the songs you don't like from your disk, right


That's what I do
I make my own best ofs with my favourite songs and album art from all the artist's discography and delete whatever I don't like.

No fillers, Only absolute head bangers must be allowed to exist in my music folder.
I find it fun too because I find new things.

I first and foremost only care about what songs make me feel rather than the vision of who made it.

No, I don't agree that the artist knows what's best for me and I absolutely don't think there's anything like good or bad artists. There can be no standard measurement of quality to rate something which is subjective to everyone.

I listened to the song, and it doesn't do anything for me.


Are mixtapes actual mixes or just a playlist?


mixes as in "random songs/random artists", not "remixes of songs from same album".

Put good songs on cassette tape or CD >>> you now have a mix tape >>> bring tape/cd to party and make the "designated Dj" (often the drunkest fucker closest to the stereo) play it all night on repeat. Start fights with anyone not liking your superb mix tape.


Proper mixes have nice transitions, just playing some songs in order is not the same.


Last time I made a mix tape was in the mid 90s so that might have been a bit overkill for me.


Playlists are extremely widely used
They even got more popular bc of streaming
For example there are some official playlists on Spotify if your songs get in there you will be famous


>Start fights with anyone not liking your superb mix tape.
Were you the one getting into fights or fighting back to defend your mixtape's honour?


I make playlists with a mix of whole albums and single songs
I also have different playlists for different themes or moods. Like depression


Also, what's the deal with YATAVEX? I'm listening to that album right now, what kind of music is this? I mean, I like it, but idk
sage for off-topic


Dark ambient?


I guess it depends on what type of listening you are doing. Playlists are good for certain activities and if lots of variety is wanted, only some albums would suffice for that. Playlists would also be good for exploring.
Does anyone listen to radios? Like that prole.win or lainchans radio? I got some good tracks out of +4's radio.


I was a teen during the rise of the horrible nu-metal era and my mix-tapes NEVER contained such garbage. It was hard work defending poor innocent stereo systems from getting defiled by such tripe.


The proper way to consume music is listen to the album first all the way through, then just listen to whatever songs you like from it


Yeah, I found that on my own the day I made that post. Didn't know about that kinda music, I love it. I always thought it was for elitist music nerds


I got a couple noise compilations, one industrial metal compilation, some weirdcore/dreamcore comps, probably one dark academia mix in there but most are full albums. Some albums i have as playlists.

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