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Also does anyone think this shot looks funny as fuck?
The face directly looking at the camera just comes off so wacky and goofy


Also does the movie have a happy ending where the soviet soldiers come in and gun all the nazis??


Not at all, given the context.
Just watch it anon.


What makes it horrifying is the realization that these things took place in reality. The movie does a good job of articulating the emotions and intensity of the protagonist. The movie is basically breaking the 4th wall.


No. I found it average.


I think the way it's filmed and the quality of the acting is what makes it horrifying. I'm not easily disturbed but I was thinking about it for about a day after I watched it for the first time.


The scenes with the burning farms and shit really fucked me up when I saw it for the first time.


the most horrifying part to me was the casual banality with which the atrocities were portrayed. there was no tense music, no color filters, no long, drawn out camera shots, no shots of characters reacting with horror and grief, you just see a band of nazis steamroll in and (spoiler) lock a village of people inside a church and burn it down, and then drive away laughing. and you're like, wtf just happened


What movie?


come and see i think


it's naturalistic


That's not even the real thing. It's an ahistorical movie as it is listed in its' category.
Do you know why?

‒ Because if we have written it closer to our sources (Я из огненной деревни/I'm from the fiery village), then nobody would watch it. So we had to downplay many things and disregard some of them because what is the point of making our movie if nobody could endure it to get our message? ‒ Elem Klimov

Plus, the censorship have gutted the available historical sources, so it's even less real in the portrayal of the deeds of the US wannabes who also decided to come for their redskins.

Also, the author of this movie have said in some interview that his biggest regret about the final cut is that it didn't include the final scene where the fascists & the guerrillas, covered in dirt, are fericiously murdering each other even with bare hands @ the burning swamp fields, with smoke covering everything in sight. The idea of that scene was to show just how frighteningly a war degenerates any human being that is subject to it, and how this dehumanization gives absolutely no regard to the moral side of its' participants, be they voluntary or not. The movie, in its' essence, is an anti-war one, of course. It challenges war as a concept itself.

…Or how the other village was burnt: all of the adults were forced into a barn & their kids were kept aback. Then, while being drunk, [the fascists] have encircled all of the remaining kids with hounds & then let the dogs tear all of them apart.…


I loved this movie and I thought it was pretty horrifying for a recreation but yeah this scene was very uncanny for me.

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