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Discuss and share songs, albums artists you like. You can talk about making music as well.
Usually not my genre but I enjoyed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaRguzy2gU


This might be a bit of an old one, but for the last half year I am really hooked on Lemon Demon (Niel Ciceriga's non-remix songs). This album is probably my favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7UbCh3IIAk I can't stop listening to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JniShTWwJn4
Aside from that, recently got back to listening to Powerwolf, though hilariously their cover song only album is probably the best IMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AL50LyD8SM


if you cant understand him,that is normal,he sings both in Yiddish German and English,wait a bit and then you can understand him when he starts singing the same bit but in English


File: 1608525664203.png ( 264.73 KB , 683x486 , peggy.png )

Some shit I've been listening to lately:


[b]Shlohmo - Beams[/b]

[b]S.Maharba - Tell A Lie[/b]

[b]Teebs - Shells[/b]

[b]Thundercat - Dragonball Durag[/b]


Man I fucking love his musics, nice to see that more people know him


Dude i love the guy


What do you anons use for seeing lyrics. I'm using musixmatch winapp for synced lyrics but is there some opensource alternative?


So since there was a thread made about music you just discovered, I'd like to share this. After not noticing that I left YouTube autoplay on a private window run too long, I discovered that the band I was listening too was skipped, and now I was listening to some pretty cool music. Upon alt-tabing, I discovered PiL. Here are some of my current favorites of theirs:


I just discovered two albums of East German krautrock/kosmische music made by the GDR as workout music for their Olympic athletes.




Why was 80s music so much better!?


Because nobody remembers or posts any of the shit stuff so you have the best selection of a full ten years available.


Nah 80's was shit. So many prog and art rock artists whored out. Now the 70's.


What subgenre of classical is usually played in Maoist and ML songs? It's usually rather symphonic, but I have a hard time distinguishing between classical music overall.




Spanish teenage melodramatic folk-pop


File: 1611656888140.webm ( 2.16 MB , 1920x1080 , TISM wins Best Independen….webm )

Translation, for after viewing: "When the revolution happens, the music industry will be the first to go".


She was born in Britain, right?


Apparently. I've heard she wasn't even that famous in Europe.








File: 1611814729836.mp4 ( 15.47 MB , 480x360 , tabaco rojo- tiempo de cor….mp4 )

Some music/animations from this cursed lands.


File: 1611814923640.mp4 ( 10.19 MB , 352x240 , la rosa roja.mp4 )

Also some other music to not be forgotten.


This reminds me of the soundtrack to the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt, the bit just before the car chase.


File: 1615804361136.jpg ( 43.11 KB , 727x726 , v18t76zfzx931.jpg )




Shayfer James is extremely talented and his songs have a hipster jazz rebel vibe


one for any dirty goths if there are any perusing this imageboard🙂


>>1276 (me)
She's got a blog. Goth musicians all seem to read a lot. Nick Cave is another one, though he seems to lift stuff directly evening spreads itself against the sky nicked from T. S. Eliot I reckon Sophor Aeternus either is more original or uses more obscure sources.


File: 1617991048500.mp4 ( 12.12 MB , 640x480 , Jane's Addiction - Up on t….mp4 )

anyone else /psychadelic/?


He has a point though, the layer of shit you have to dig through to get to the interesting stuff is thicker now than it was in those years I bet there's the same amount of people making good music but we're currently oversaturated and this is a fact
This makes it harder for those good artists to come to the spotlight and reach their full potential thus it seems like music is "worse" now which I mean it's not entirely wrong. We still need some decades to tell though but already the 2000s seem like hot trash
As for the soviets they kept the Russian tradition really. But I think you're thinking about the propaganda songs which are more like marches






I really like this song and listen to it on repeat for years
Judge whoever you may be, especially if you know Sun City Girls and that this is one of the few songs of theirs I know




trad bros…


File: 1695579573749.jpg ( 28.11 KB , 495x379 , Ivan-Agueli_ficha-policial.jpg )

>It is a little-known irony that one of the early instigators of what has become known as the 'Traditionalist' school of religious philosophy - was also a pioneer of modern art. We refer to John Gustaf Agelii, or Ivan Agueli, born in Sweden in 1869, he was instrumental in the creation of 'Traditionalism' by way of introducing the French metaphysician Rene Guenon to Mahometan esotericism. Active in French anarchist circles and met important anarchist leaders such as Peter Kropotkin, he was in 1894 arrested and put on trial in the "Trial of the Thirty". Within months of his release in 1895 he left France for Egypt, where he lived until he returned to Paris in 1896. It was later on in Paris that Aguéli ended up converting to Islam and adopted the name 'Abd al-Hadi. In 1910 Aguéli moved back to Paris where he learnt to know the young editor René Guénon. Becoming good friends, Aguéli received 'Guénon into Islam and Sufism in 1911. Shortly after, Aguéli departed for Sweden and the two never met again. During the First World War, Aguéli was exiled from Egypt to Spain, where he perished under tragic circumstances. He is the first known user of the term "Islamophobia," in an article by Aguéli.


File: 1695581141442.jpg ( 31.91 KB , 300x400 , bey_small[1].jpg )

Peter Lamborn Wilson AKA Hakim Bey was an American anarchist author and poet, primarily known for his concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones, short-lived spaces which elude formal structures of control. During the 1970s, Wilson lived in the Middle East, where he explored mysticism and translated Persian texts coming into contact with Traditionalist currents most notably through Henry Corbin, Seyyed Hossein Nasr by working under their auspisces at the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy and in north america with Frithjof Schuon.


The people who were into Bey during the 2000s were the crustiest people imaginable. If you didn't get food poisoning, their Food Not Bombs burrito weren't terrible though


Remove chud oppurtunistic adoption of traditionalism, the chief culprit, Evola.

caste is not class and need not be reified into either.
caste is foremost a spiritual typology.
capitalism can stifle a persons true nature to pursue their vocation only through socialism can equilibrium of castes be achieved and each man perfect himself each according to their calling in life.

>In fact, as Schuon reminds us, caste “is an ever present factor in any human collectivity”, even where it is not in any way institutionalized. As Mahatma Gandhi himself—so often wrongly enlisted as an opponent of caste—remarked, “Varnashrama is . . . inherent in human nature, and Hinduism has simply reduced it to a science.” The water is further muddied by the common Western assimilation of caste and class: the former pertains to a fundamental differentiation of human types and is something quite different from the socio-economic stratifications which so preoccupy sociologists. This reduction strips caste of its spiritual significance. An even more fundamental source of confusion, rarely acknowledged, is that most Western commentaries on caste are rooted in the competitive and materialistic ethos of modern industrialized societies. As Ananda Coomaraswamy so rightly observed: The caste system cannot be judged by concepts of success that govern life in a society organized for over-production and profit at any price, and where it is everyone’s ambition to rise on the social ladder, rather than to realize his own perfection.


>caste is not class
debatable the Indian cast system mostly lines up with class divisions

<caste “is an ever present factor in any human collectivity”

feudal social order saying it's eternal

<The caste system cannot be judged

feudal social order saying it can't be criticized

<The caste system, where everyone can realize his own perfection.

Just ask a Dalit/untouchable (the lowest rank of the Indian cast system), how well they are reaching their perfection while having to scrape shit out of latrines and being socially discriminated.

>only through socialism can equilibrium of castes be achieved

Socialism will do away with casts, it's not about bringing back a feudal order, good grief.




File: 1700414075403.mp4 ( 803.21 KB , 480x482 , mBDqEkNdBuDZd9BC.mp4 )

New banger just dropped


reminds me a little of Tchaikovsky's Overture with cannons
skip to 2:38 for the good part

Obviously Tchaikovsky was a brilliant music composer, while this guy very much isn't. But you gotta recognize the kindred spirit of converting a weapon into a musical instrument.


Here's a pretty sick beat


Interesting vid on the history and meaning behind Overture of 1822

Tldr: nationalist anthem for Russian masses


watched it
pretty good find, thanks


>Here's a pretty sick beat


File: 1711678202537.mp4 ( 9.03 MB , 576x1024 , Download(3).mp4 )

Saw this scrolling tiktok, that chorus is 🔥


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