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I know I am late to the party, but, holy shit this game was fucking horrible.
It probably needs no introduction, but, man this fucking combat system is horrible. It's like in the pursuit of trying to mesh together some kind of convoluted chimera of a combat system based on both action and nuance they achieved something that incentivizes neither.
The game looks really good, but, it's like it isn't optimized for anything. It stutters so fucking horribly it's really annoying.
The story itself is really good, but, that says nothing about the remake and just says that the original was actually on point as far as its story and analysis, but, basically everything the remake slapped ontop of the story is terrible: There's tons of just time wasting filler, the voice acting is shit, I mean, it's ok and drives the point home, but, the flow of the voice acting is not good and feels clumsy and also the original did not have the whole "uhhh but actually SMOLL LANDLORDS are good people don't worry capitalism ood actually!"

I just really hate this pos and I have never played ff7 completely before so now I am just trying to rush through the story so I can start over on the original again.


i didnt like the borderline racist interpretation of Barret


Was it really racist though? I mean I can see what people mean, kind of, but, also, like when you play the original that kis kind of the way he talks and how it comes off. Maybe I am just naive, but, I don't exactly see it.


Did they at least make it more challenging than the original? In the original there's only two challenging mandatory bosses in the entire game.


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Wait, why is this in /ent/ faggot? /ga/ needs more love.


Combat is far more difficult but, imo, they ruined it. It's not…..completely shit, but, it's like a mesh of turn based and real time combat and I feel like in regards to both they dropped the ball.
Jack of all trades master of none. they should have stuck with something closer to FFXIII.
It's still much more difficult and has a lot in common with FFIII, but, there's annoying shit like flying enemies being impossible to kill with out some type of range and Barret is my least favorite character.

I actually haven't played the original all the way through so I didn't know this was a thing. Tell me it isn't so cause I plan to after this.
I didn't even see there was a /ga/ kek.


Ranged vs non-ranged is a mechanic in the original but it's used sparingly and usually not mandatory.


You'd have to play it to see what I am talkin about. I reall dislike the combat system. I mean once you get the hang of it, like I said, it isn't sooooo, bad, but, it's my least favorite aspect of the game.


Or you could do something that improves your life and character. Tough choice


Let people enjoy things.


You're free to enjoy yourself. But you're not free to avoid the consequences of a life wasted lol


I lived a full life. I did a lot of crazy shit when I was younger. Jumped some trains. Traveled, fought, music, sex, rock and roll, etc etc.
I did all that. I just want a quite life now with no suprises.


Dare I say, based


Some parts were too long like the Airbuster Mako Reactor


Yeah, what about with its break from the original story what do you think of that?

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