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Anybody experienced with Dungeons and Dragons that can help me with some worldbuilding?

I want to integrate Gnomes into my world, and the 5e (inb4) source book says they have very tight-knit communities, so I want to make them Communists, but I'm a brainlet and I don't know what a medieval-esque Communist society would look like.


If you want to go by historical examples they will need to be religious extremists. Then your choice is basically between refusing to work and living off wealth plundered like the Taborites, or barrack communism during a siege where the people starve to death while the self-proclaimed emperor lives in luxury like the Anabaptists in Münster.


A thread died for this


Gnomish societies are ruled by rich merchants, so good luck making them communists.


Well, you should start with a class conflict, production modes, material conditions, etc. These things don't come out of thin air, succdem.


wtf you're on the wrong board dude


Look up the Diggers or the Levellers.


No it didn't, we save too many damn threads on /games/ actually. We still haven't reached the thread limit after all this time.


I think this thread was accidentally posted to /hobby/ then moved here.


unless you're using magic to replace industrial technology, it would be difficult to actually produce communism in a medieval setting. however, you can look at the peasant republics (https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauernrepublik hopefully you can read german, if not maybe you can find an english language source by googling peasant republic or Dithmarschen). Another possibility would be to work from tribal societies (for example, arabian peninsula before the saudis united it). In neither case are we talking about "communist societies" per se, but given the usual setting of medieval fantasy id say these two would be suitable stand-ins for communism, given some tweaking.


Good post. I'm making a marxist fantasy setting too and this is good advice.


One of the biggest hurdles to a medieval communist revolution I think is the fact that peasants are just about the opposite of a revolutionary class. There's something about rural life that does not produce revolutionaries and progressive, but rather reactionaries. Only when you have cities with massive populations, thus having created the proletariat, does it become more possible.

Examples like the European Peasant republics aren't really revolutionary in actuality, they merely lacked feudalism because they were too poor and small, but they weren't actively ideologically upholding this, which is clear from how over time even Dithmarschen developed its own nobility from the families of the people who kept increasingly more often getting elected to be judges.

Then again, maybe some maoist can teach me something I don't know about peasants and revolution.


halflings can be eco-anarchists, since they're tolkien's ideal society

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