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Whats games are the /leftypol/ people currently in the middle of playing?


File: 1626221721346.gif ( 68.03 KB , 396x516 , Odious Trident.gif )

Shooting up robot fishes in Darius Gaiden.


File: 1626221970680.png ( 1.91 MB , 1660x2436 , qwe_download.png )

im playing ritchet and clink 2002


Hollow Knight rn


Maternal Figure 3


Railway Empire - Over the Andes DLC


File: 1626264117109.gif ( 106.75 KB , 869x1200 , tetris.gif )



damn that's cool, you playing seriously or casually?


>damn that's cool, you playing seriously or casually?
I would say in between, I'm nowhere near good enough to even get in the vicinity of serious players, who unlike me have been playing it for decades an have reached truly superhuman skill levels.
I mostly find it enjoyable and it has noticeable mental health benefits.


I can never get tired of playing this game; it's great when i'm bored.

And the fact that it was made in the USSR makes it all better.


Watching those Tetris tournaments makes me want to play it as well. I learned a lot of things I had no idea about from those videos.


kinda feel like I'm in a similar position, what kind of tetris do you play the most? I am a 40L player primarily, don't really dig the classical level-based gameplay that much
I'm not really aware of the mental health benefits, mind linking some reading?


The Last Spell, Battlefleet Gothic II, and FF14.


File: 1626388700908.jpg ( 178.43 KB , 658x1024 , 0bdf8d415d8173b4119d91da6a….jpg )

I'm playing OpenMW morrowind and Sonic Unleashed on RPCS3


Nier Autonama. Its the first open world game I've played that feels like a jrpg. I think I like the open world more than BOTW.


Last spell is so good. Will be better if more variety of items got added in though. Went through one completed run and I’ve basically seen everything it has to offer.


I haven't beat it yet. I thought I had a winning combination with ballistae + rifles + hand crossbows. Got all the way to the last night, then the game decided to spam lancers at me.

80 block out of the gate and 260 fucking armor? Fuck you.

Overall my feelings are conflicted. On the one hand, it's mega gay that you're basically designed to lose from the start, but I guess it's pretty compelling because I keep coming back.

For those who haven't played: basically you're defending the remains of a town after a magical nuclear war has scoured the rest of the planet and turned the population into magical mutants. You start off with retards wielding rusty weapons and feeble spells, but because of divine intervention you're able to start over again and again after losing, and the bonuses and unlocks you get through each iteration carry over to your next try.

The music fucking rocks though.


Playing through all the yakuza games, currently on 4, its been great so far


File: 1626473710507-0.png ( 1.12 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown.png )

File: 1626473710507-1.png ( 1.73 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown1.png )

File: 1626473710507-2.png ( 1.47 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown2.png )

Warhams 40k Chapter Master as the Lamenters
a fuckoff angry Khornate is trying to chase down my Chapter while it is at 1/5th strength, but luckily the one positive thing the Lamenters have going rn is that the Sisters of Battle want to ride their dicks so they will die for them by the hundreds


File: 1626480204439.png ( 1.13 MB , 997x991 , Mindustry-trapped-ai.png )

Been playing a lot of Mindustry lately. Really wish I could get some games going with anon.


Black Mesa. It's pretty good actually. Only complaints are that multiple guns on number keys always sucked. And some puzzles are just weird or just don't even work. I had to reboot the game one time for something to work.


In what order?


What would I fucking do for a Planetary Governor Sim for 40k. I want to make a communist hive world damn it!


File: 1626521071276.png ( 41.08 KB , 500x327 , warhammer 40k wow cool emp….png )

They would never do that because it would expose the miserable oppression of the Imperium and they wouldn't be able to pretend they were the good guys. Also most 40k fans are brainlets who can't into sociology/city planning


Has there even been any games about city planning out an Ecumenopolis before? Dysentery sphere program seems to try it but it’s still to barebones.
I was thinking about the mechanics of a game being a planetary governor of multiple different worlds. Maybe most of the functions of the world can be handled by a council of different parts of the planet that can be elected or chosen by you. The goal can be having the world survive as long as possible under your rule while keeping the tithe flowing. At the same time dealing with the mechanicus, space marines, the scholar progenium, rogue traders and the Inquisition. You can be a good guy and make the world prosperous but if you want you can just play a heretic (either simping for Chaos, Tau, Tyranid or secede from the Imperium independently) and go full Xaphan to burn the world in a blaze of glory.
The graphics could be the level of Aurora or Dwarf Fortress.


Everything from paradox




Based March of the Eagles enjoyer


I dunno, Empire of Sin is a bit of a stinker


Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic
Bioshock 2


File: 1626602497061-0.png ( 2.24 MB , 1366x768 , screenshot-tick-370953.png )

File: 1626602497061-1.png ( 2.88 MB , 1366x768 , screenshot-tick-380411.png )

File: 1626602497061-2.png ( 2.53 MB , 1366x768 , screenshot-tick-547807.png )

File: 1626602497061-3.png ( 2.65 MB , 1366x768 , screenshot-tick-548487.png )

File: 1626602497061-4.png ( 1.82 MB , 1366x768 , screenshot-tick-562076.png )

I am playing vanilla Factorio right now, currently on the green science tier. The base is steadily growing, but the bugs are getting pissed off because of the power plant and mines have shitted up the air, so I have to hunt down their nests before they start chugging the pollution and mutating. Other than that, I have begun researching engines and fluid handling so as to get on with oil processing as soon as possible.

Do you have a Matrix account? I don't play Mindustry much, but I would like to play co-op with someone on semi-regular basis.


I'm not into Matrix (yet), but you can find me in irc://irc.7chan.org:6667/netplay or irc://irc.libera.chat:6697/libregamenight.


Same, do you play solo or multi?




Never gets old tbh

t. >>11097


Currently playing Sky Kid (NES, 1986). This shmup has a good concept and it would have been an NES classic on par with Super Mario Bros. if the levels had been a bit tighter in design and more than ONE song, sheeesh (this is sheeesh even by 1986 standards, believe me). Here is something you MUST know when playing it, it's not a cheat, it's fundamental for surviving for longer than two minutes: While your damaged plane is falling, hold up and hammer buttons. The longer you fall, the better your chance to recover. That means flying high is usually the least dangerous option. But there are many targets on the ground and your shots only travel a fraction of the whole screen distance. These elements neatly fit together. You have one button to shoot and one button to do a loop. You can also collect a bomb that you drop with the same button you normally use for the loop. (This is actually brilliant. A modern remake would probably use a different button for that because modern game designers are stupid.)


>You can also collect a bomb that you drop with the same button you normally use for the loop. (This is actually brilliant. A modern remake would probably use a different button for that because modern game designers are stupid.)

How is taking away options from the player 'brilliant'?


The loop is for dodging. It's up to you if you pick up the bomb. The item appears on the ground, of course. It all fits together in the scheme of risk and reward. Once you have the bomb, if you really wanna loop, you can of course do that, just get rid of the bomb with one tap of the button and the second tap makes the loop. Even with the NES pad, the functions of loop and bomb could had been separated by involving the d-pad. But what would have been the consequence of that separation? The way it is means that once you have the bomb, it's tricky carrying it far enough to make good use of it. This creates tension. Separating the functions wouldn't.


I'm playing EU4, the most based and redpilled game out there, you can easily kill all uyghurs, chinks, kebabs, injuns and carve all of the world for glorious EVROPA




because it's funny when you bitch about it.


It's not sjw, it's egalitarian.


File: 1627710280888.jpg ( 195.28 KB , 939x528 , eh eh vroom vroom.jpg )

Wreckfest on piss four
also recommend me some good car crash games or anything with good destruction or gore mechanics (i already know Red Faction, Burnout, Flatout, Leaden Sky, BeamNG and Teardown)




Jeopardy on the… NES (developed by Rare for Game Tek). Fuck this is tedious. In this version of the quiz show, you have to type every response with a virtual keyboard. And it doesn't even make use of both buttons on the pad, so you can't delete anything by pressing the other button, you have to instead select a virtual delete key. I understand that they wanted to stay close to the original, but this is actually harder than the TV show. One typo and you are fucked. They should have used multiple choice instead or at least offer that as a mode. Or they could have limited the clues to only those with short correct inputs like "MIDI", and not "CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR".

Don't play Jeopardy on the NES, kids!


>>10914 (me)
I beat the main quest on accident, I didn't realize it was the end of the game. It felt too easy.


Lol I've seen people play that, yeah no idea how they thought that was good design choice


thief 2:the metal age, just after finishing the first game. Love how little the game series holds your hand, and the Trickster's fey/natural world aesthetic is relatively unique. I really have no complaints.


Heavily modded Fallout 4 , at this point I have expanded the base building to the point where it is like I am playing the Sims.


alright, after a second playthrough and rushing the movement abilities, I was able to discover new parts of the map I totally missed, including the free dlc. I have to say. this is a neat metroidvania.
it's a shame there's so few speedrunners though.


Hideous Destructor. Just dropped out of dbp03 after savescumming the hell out of map08. I hate it and I hate myself for putting up with that map.


File: 1628358045476.png ( 317.81 KB , 482x364 , yugipunch.png )



What am I supposed to call it, a 2d collectathon? I'm not a /v/ermin so please bear with me.


Metroidvania is a slang term for the games in the Castlevania series that ripped off Super Metroid and added RPG elements. Call them Metroid-likes (if collectible ability-based progression is something the game actually features), exploration platformers, 2D collectathons if you like, but Metroidvania is just wrong.


Ninja Gaiden III (NES). I'm playing a hacked version with infinite health and I'm dying all the time. Small platforms plus damage knockback. No knockback instead of infinite health would be easier. (At least there is no knockback when climbing or hanging on something – which is crucial knowledge. Later in the game there is a section where you jump from one tiny platform that moves through electro-shock fields to the next tiny platform doing the same thing (and below you is an abyss of course and there are also enemies). I have infinite lives and it takes me forever to progress because of how far apart the checkpoints are. This Godmode version is still harder than normal Megaman. There are no passwords! (I just read that the Japanese version had more health, more checkpoints, and passwords than the US version.) I'm now using the instant-save feature of the emulator while playing Godmode and still I'm thinking about giving up.


Don't listen to him.


>it has noticeable mental health benefits
such as Tetris syndrome?


He's sperging, it may sound terrible but there's no better name for the genre yet.


You were just given a better name: Metroid-likes.


I figured metroid-likes would use a ranged primary weapon
The good vania games use melee and makes use of shop npcs and more side collectables
So I guess hollowknight is a kojivania-like?


What does Hollow Knight have exactly? RPG elements like level-ups and monster drops?




File: 1628701312954.jpg ( 132.48 KB , 1280x722 , Tindralor.jpg )

Devil Slayer Raksasi. Top down "souls-like"/"action game with stamina" roguelite with cool mechanics and bosses. Amazing game, but what amazes me even more is that all youtubers who have played this game were the absolute worst at this kind of an action game.


Replaying Dragon Age Origins, planning to do the other 2 afterwards.
Also playin TBC Classic on the side.


File: 1628749293581.png ( 237.72 KB , 500x500 , 736.png )



File: 1636857547338.mp4 ( 1 MB , 640x480 , Steakhouse.mp4 )

I've been playing the shit out of Darkest Hour. It's honestly the best HOI game imo


i'm playin' your mom




File: 1676430952716.jpg ( 20.69 KB , 474x632 , lsd.jpg )

This seems like a crypto scam

OP: I'm playing fucking LSD Dream Emulator. I just got my emulators working on my laptop and it's fuckin tits.




File: 1677071542803.jpg ( 88.72 KB , 640x400 , .jpg )

Hidden Agenda.

It's ultimately cringe and surprisingly based at the same time. Cringe, because it's peak virtual socdemmery shice which expects you to unite the private exploiters and the death squads with their slaves fur le cummon goot. Based, since it unknowingly teaches you that it is impossible to drive society-oriented humane politics when the main production forces still reside in private property instead of a governmental one at least.
And guess what, even if you slam your ministy with the most supposedly radical fighters for socialism, some of which were commanders in guerrilla and others stuffed in prisons, you still won't get a chance to promote any move that comes out of succdam way. E.g. there's an event where landless farmers say it's enough and just go and take the land from the big guys and ask you to legalize it ‒ and you won't, since you can only take path of either a seething big guy or your so-called radical ministers, all of whom would gently ask you to pacify the dang dirty wageslave stupid proles by speeches of a soft reformation for le cummon of ouh nayshun.

And yeh, this is also the grandpa of that shiddy chauvinistic political "sim" that is called "Crisis in the Kremlin" ‒ even the main gameplay screen, as you can (I hope) see, is practically the same.


File: 1677077148392.jpg ( 91.28 KB , 871x1024 , 1677060900869616m.jpg )

I don't play vidya, but this seems pretty kino


Half Life on redream, Gran Turismo on ppsspp.


gran turismo 2 on a ps1 emulator better albeit

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