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Do you like when games mess with you, anon?


I like when misinputs are anticipated by the devs. Like I want to do an EWGF in tekken but I don't get it right, so now I'm vulnerable for a punish.


Depict1 is a great game.


File: 1627004617964.png ( 1.98 KB , 320x224 , Gradius II option thief.png )

Sometimes this can get out of hand but I always like these because there's a sense of having a very personal dialogue between the developer and player. It's depressing sometimes to think about how the modern vidya generation is so quick to dismiss things like these as unfair garbage. Well yeah, sometimes that's the whole point! Now can you beat it? The developer has laid down the gantlet, are you a bad enough dude to accept the bullshit and persevere?


I don't get it. You should be able to fall down and jump through with the fire flower.


File: 1627176184649.gif ( 232.44 KB , 1023x895 , trolledthesequel.gif )

Only with duck sliding and pixel perfect precision.


Nothing wrong with that. It's easier to not get hit when you are smaller, but the power-up allows you to get hit once without dying. So overall you still are better off when you have the power-up at that point. What's awful is some warp pipes in SMB Lost Levels send you back by several levels and you can't avoid them by skilled movement once you are in that situation, it's just something you have to know about in order to avoid.


I was playing on some Dreamcast emulator and i couldn't use the light speed dash to get out the sewers where you get the light speed dash. If you look at the comments of video related i wasn't the only one.

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