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How that self-imposed challenge going, anon?

Working on that single-credit clear? Finally going to break that speed record? Trying to finish that adventure without potions?

You do… challenge yourself, don't you? Anon?


Pretty well, actually. I almost have full mobility in my shoulder again after my rotator cuff tear. Physically therapy actually works!


Been trying to beat Castlevania Rebirth recently without continues. Getting pretty close but Dracula is really tricky in this one. I still haven't figured out if his final form just has giant amounts of health or if there's something you're supposed to do to inflict massive damage.


I found out I really like openttd. I feel like I have the rates of an 80 year old man.




File: 1672339069890.png (573.06 KB, 1280x939, OpenTTD PZ13 oil drop.png)

What's your self-imposed challenge, anon? I sure hope you aren't playing with easymode planes and airports…


I don't know what I want my challenge to be. I usually do everything the hardest way possible anyways, lol. OpenTTD Is different though. The most compex I ever got with the trains was like a 4 section trainstation


I often impose goals on myself to see how many trains I can fit on a single network or perhaps try to reach the limit of cargo I can deliver to a single destination.


File: 1672541475278.png (400.95 KB, 1280x1024, castlevania-rebirth-end.png)

Whew, finally figured it out. I was whipping his chin the whole time and you actually have to attack his eyes! Once I figured it out it was really easy. Perhaps I'll get back to my Hard mode single-credit clear attempt of Contra Rebirth now.


File: 1672876521539.png (2.4 MB, 10000x10000, ('・ω・).png)

Any new year's challenges, anon?


File: 1672988196298.png (759.04 KB, 1280x1024, stopwhippingjellyfish.png)

I think 2023 might just be the year that I finally beat Terraria on a one-world-one-life hardcore master mode challenge. I'm enjoying some of these recent balance changes that reduce a lot of the grinding that piled on with v1.4. Starting a new world isn't quite as tedious with a lot of these changes.


File: 1674764903892.png (39.7 KB, 240x320, 0000.png)

Gettin close to a juicy single-credit clear of Raiden Fighters 2 lately. I can get to the final stage every now and then but die pretty quickly.


I did some challenges back in the days, if some of you wanna try them
>Oblivion: no magic, no alchemy, no illegal actions (killing npcs, stealing etc), no skill farming, no bows
>Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3: 0 hit, no killing mobs outside of buildings, kill all mobs in buildings corridors, no killing mobs in rooms (blind 100%)
>Dark Souls: no magic, no miracles, no bows (100%)
>Anno 1404: no desert islands run
>Risen: no potions, no illegal actions (blind 100%)
>Dragon Age Origins: no death run on medium difficulty (100%)
>Drakensang TRoT: no offensive/defensive skills upgrade, no death run on medium difficulty

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