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Share you best outcome from playing the game!

This was my best so far. My strategy was to first get the military under control, then do land reform and set up the economy, hold an election with as much legitimacy as possible, and finally to build up stuff like medicine, education, and infrastructure. It went alright for the most part, but the IMF is going to kill the country later, much like what happened in Yugoslavia.

So what did you do? What worked for you?


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More charts and stuff


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Even more


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And the rest


i working on something like this

theres a primitive simulator

there are bot (called sbots (simulation bots))
they can execute some set of commands (like go to, pick that brick, place that brick, put mortar etc)
they can navigate spaces on their own, like using elevators or laders, or finding paths inside buildings
they can be sort of programmed (?) but usually they solve things on their own (like stronghold, and probably settlers (you don't have direct control on workers, you just set up some work, roads etc; you can't controll units individually (try to select a wood cutter in SH, its not even possible.))

then theres models of 'primitive' things, that these bots can
assebmle and entire thing, like a large city or town can be simulated

think of simcity or other game but where things are actually more realistic and can be
evaluated and probably constructed and run
where bots go to school and shit

only problem it can't do advanced things like opening smartphones, bots aren't used for that (that probably should not be simulated anyway)

yeah these bots also have needs like humans that you would expect
and basically it should be made more after humans (thats why they're called sbots, not just bots)


ah yes you can simulate even anarcho primitivism with that
you see the simulation is not limited to one thing, its how you structure it


File: 1678094016246.png ( 313.44 KB , 660x574 , 1676695798133975.png )

on the other hand bots are significantly dumber than humans and running advanced things is probably impossible
maybe advanced things shouldn't be really simulated though


post the repository


File: 1679156491010.png ( 34.93 KB , 800x450 , image.png )


this is only a preview, because it is scattered over different repos

this is mostly pathfinding experiment + some notes (wiki_main.md etc)

many of it not even related to the idea

BUT you can run it on linux with ./run.sh or ./build.sh (its just go project)

and most of it is even in different repos, basically its not very intereing rn
at least this repo. i just created it for pathfinding experiment, and maybe then some bot testing.
if you run it it only demonstrate the 3d cell-based pathfinding
and many things aren't documented; or at least not in this repo

few things are hard to get with this thing :D
(pic is if you press 'spacebar' in simulation/visualization (then camera rotates))
the pink line is the path, it works sorta like in minecraft

'tetric' means dreary in catalan


File: 1679156797234.png ( 15.75 KB , 678x362 , Untitled.png )

interesting. I can't open the link, did you set it as public?


lol try now
i made it public, but they need other permissions there as well


I don't want to keep derailing this thread but I have some suggestions (if you are open to suggestions), would you mind posting an email or opening a new thread?


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