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File: 1701730861476.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 12.72 MB , 1308x720 , GTA VI trailer.mp4 )


Who else is hyped as fuck for $2 billion worth of triple-A slop?


NGL I probably will buy it and end up spending some time with it. It looks like they actually put in the effort to make new systems for their games instead of having the exact same game with slightly better graphics (like starfield and shit like that).


I dunno, by todays standards it kind of looks half assed. The graphics look wonky and the character models look stiff. I actually don't play that many modern games, so, I might not be the most knowledgeable person on the subject.


Not Sure i understand the appeal of these games.
Why do you play ?


to simulate murdering whores and mass violence.


Video games are symptomatic of a society which has banished struggle and challenge.

Men inherently desire these things, and they retreat into video games when the opportunities for conquest have been circumscribed.


GTA games are struggling and challenging?


the good ones, that teach you something, usually are a little bit.


File: 1701857787819.jpg ( 256.45 KB , 1284x1221 , 20231206_171014.jpg )

Consume the games, proy


To be fair the stupid o-face in the video thumbnails was not an organic culture development. That was the result of an algorithm optimization of video platforms.

Once the algorithm grows out of it's monkey phase, we'll probably go back to having dignified faces on our screens.


File: 1701893245934.jpg ( 729.37 KB , 1080x1269 , Screenshot_2023-12-07-03-0….jpg )



Is there a well-executed example of the GTA concept that doesn't glorify gangster violence?


>example of the GTA concept that doesn't glorify gangster violence?
Sleeping Dogs appears to have similar game-play elements, and it glorifies police violence instead, so it technically fits your parameters. I haven't played either so take this with a bucket of salt.

If you are looking for a first person game with an open world, a lot of story and car driving, but without the assault/murder simulator elements, you're out of luck, it seems.


File: 1701976719875.png ( 40.14 KB , 715x387 , rate of profit, 14 core co….png )

>$2 billion worth of triple-A slop
I didn't understand what you were referencing originally and ignored this sentence at first, OP. But it's budget was actually $2 billion? If this is actually true, then the video games industry has finally eclipsed the motion picture industry in its wasteful excesses. The most expensive film to date is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at only $447 million.

Where is the video games industry to go from here? When the consumer base finally sours on microtransactions, incomplete episodic games, intrusive digital control measures, consumer datamining, low-quality games experiences due to homogenization and desperate pandering, when they've finally outsourced all of industrial games development to sweatshop labor and have squeezed every last possible ounce of labor value out of workers–all these measures to cope with the tendency of the rate of industrial profit to fall–what will finally happen to the video games industry? Can we expect it soon?


>They made a game where you can simulate commiting mass shootings against black people


>Where is the video games industry to go from here?


They already did that tho, it wasn't a big hit.

There was a game that worked on the basis of crude augmented reality. It used the camerafeed from smartphones and drew small creatures on top of it while adjusting the lighting to make the imaginary creatures appear as somewhat part of the scenery. The players were supposed to collect these creatures. All of that happened outside. There was a big craze for a few months and then it was over.

Before that there were so called Augmented reality shooters where players were supposed to point their smartphone at other human players to shoot them according to the logic of arena-shooter games except that the map was a place in the real world. I think that was mostly ignored. There were smartphone holders with pistol grips for it tho.

There also were augmented reality RC-toy simulators that place some kind of vehicle in the scenery. Those looked kinda competently executed with the vehicles actually appearing to interact with the environment, except for the clunky smartphone controls.


at that point why not just do airsoft?


Airsoft looks like an expensive hobby, and it's more limited about where you can play. Running around while awkwardly holding your smartphone makes you look stupid, but nobody will call the police because they didn't know the orange tip means it's a toy-gun.

As far as fully physical play-simulation goes, paintball is probably the most fun. I never played real paintball, but i did play a few matches of a budget-variant that used 2 types of slingshots, one with elastic-rubber bands for small paintball-pellets and a traditional centrifugal rope slingshot that you spin over your head with slightly bigger paintball pellets. That was great fun and comparably cheap since renting slingshots is much cheaper than renting compressed air paintball gear. Slingshots don't impart as much kinetic energy as compressed air, and that means that you don't need protective gear other than for your eyes/ears. You can get away with diving goggles and a headband.

Paintballs are biodegradable and dissolve in water, so rain will clean up the mess but many places require permits none the less, some places only allow for it in dedicated areas that have organizational oversight and safety instructors. That's one advantage all the augmented reality shit has going for it, it's zero fuzz.


I keep coming back to this word.


>I keep coming back to this word.
but what does it mean ?

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